Annual Travel Insurance: Should You Get An Annual Policy?

Annual Travel Insurance: Should You Get An Annual Policy?

If you travel constantly around the globe, an annual travel insurance plan could be a lot cheaper and a more convenient means to ensure that you are protected, especially when travelling abroad. With one purchase of annual insurance policy, frequent travellers and expatriates alike can set off with ease having covered anywhere else on their trip.

Although annual travel insurance policies will include any of your trips, it can also be overkill if you’re spending a short time on the road. Here is a guide that will help you decide whether you an annual trip insurance policy is right for you…

When Should You Get An Annual Insurance Cover?

Annual insurance policy can save you time and money if you’re a frequent flyer. It can keep you secured and protected each time you travel within a year. This means you don’t have to take out a single policy each time you set off on a trip.

Should I Get An Annual Policy?

Deciding whether to an annual policy depends on how frequent you travel within a year. If you’re just going for a holiday once or twice, a single trip cover will work for you.

If you know you’ll likely to travel out of the country frequently and may stay longer, you’re a perfect fit for an annual insurance cover.

The Destination To Travel To

The country you can travel to will depend on your policy. However, most insurers give you the liberty of travelling to:


tickWorldwide excluding the USA

tickCanada and the Caribbean islands

tickWorldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean islands

The policy you choose will cover your trips within the territories that you prefer. However, some countries may not be covered once classified as dangerous or risky by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or FCO; thus, you need to check your itinerary first.

How Long Can I Travel?

Your stay will be set within a duration limit. This means you’ll only be covered for a number of days. Most policies offer at least 30 days while some others offer as much as 90 days coverage.

Moreover, some policies also set a total travel limit. For instance, setting a total limit of 180 days within a year. So, each time you take a trip this can add up to your total limit and once you go beyond 180 days, you’ll no longer be covered. It pays to check your policy when getting an annual trip cover and determine if there’s a total limit being set.

What Does It Cover?

tickAnnual travel insurance has the same coverage as single trip policies which include:

tickCancellation and Delays

tickMedical Expenses

tickBaggage and Personal Money


Single Trip Or An Annual Policy?

Deciding whether to get a single trip or annual trip travel insurance policy depends on your circumstances. If you only have to travel once or twice within a year then you should get a single trip policy. But if you’re travelling with your family, a family policy or annual trip travel insurance cover will work for you.

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