How to Avoid Rip-Off Mobile Charges Abroad

We have all heard about stories of some people coming home from a holiday to discover a mobile phone bill for hundreds of pounds. But avoiding this is easy if you are careful. Here is a guide on how to save money when you use your phone abroad.

The cost of using your mobile phone abroad is most probably to cause problems if you jet off without checking the prices of your network and carry on using your phone as you would at home.

What should you look out for?

There are some tales shared by users regarding rip-off mobile charges, including one customer who ended up receiving a £16,000 phone bill because of listening to the online radio on his phone when on holiday!

The biggest mistake that you could make is to assume that your normal tariff counts overseas. Overseas usage will normally be subject to separate, often higher, charges and you will be billed accordingly, so first check with your network regarding the costs to use your phone abroad.

This information should be on your provider’s website. However, give them a call if there is anything that you are not sure about.

You can then work out what you are likely to spend by deciding on how much you need to use your phone while you are away.

If you are going on a beach holiday, you might be able to manage without using it, but if you are travelling for business, then using your phone might be unavoidable.

What do networks charge to use your phone abroad?

In the EU

EU roaming charges were abolished from the 15th June this year, meaning, you will not pay any extra to use your phone in countries in the European Union.

However, some mobile providers may apply a fair usage policy, which means that you could still be charged if you exceed your roaming allowance.

Not all European countries are part of the European Union, and it is still not clear how Brexit will affect the cap on the European Union roaming charges.

If you will not, avoid using your phone as much as you can because it will cost you a lot: you could end up paying as much as £2.50/min for calls, £1 a text and £8/MB data.

Outside the European Union

If you use your phone outside the European Union, some networks will charge various prices per country, whereas others have uniformed charges for using your phone abroad. So you should check these prices with your provider.