Should You Haggle With Your Mobile Phone Provider?

If you are planning to upgrade your contract or your phone, haggling with your mobile phone provider can help ensure that you get the best deal. Here is a guide on how to give yourself the best chance of bagging a good bargain.

When you hunt for a new phone deal, it helps to scope out the deals that are currently available on the market, even if you would rather want stay with your current network.

If you discover a better price or a better package than the one that your provider offers, you can make use of this as a bargaining tool to push your current provider down in costs.

Price match promises

You should also look out for price match promises on the deals that you are interested in. This means that if you can look for the same phone or package elsewhere at a better price than you paid, the store you bought it from will refund the difference.

Price match promises are offered by a lot of networks. However, sometimes a price-match won’t extend between networks. For example, from EE to Vodafone.

If you can look for a price match on a  package or a phone that is identical to the one that your provider is offering, it is worth using this as ammunition to haggle for a better deal.

Play the competition game

The market of mobile phone tariffs is astonishingly competitive and so you, as the consumer, have a substantial amount of power.

ou should always haggle when your current contract is about to end to take advantage of this fact.

If you can persuade your provider that you can get a better deal elsewhere and that you are ready to move for it, they are likely to decrease your deal down in price so that they do not lose you as a customer.

How to haggle for a better phone deal

Once you have discovered a deal that you want with another network, you should call your network provider and notify them that you are planning to switch. It is best to call about a month before your contract is due to expire, so you get to receive the benefits of a cheaper plan right away.

Ask them to match the deal you have found; that might mean decreasing the price of your tariff or offering you more minutes or texts for what you are currently paying.

If they refuse to offer you a better deal, ask to be connected to their disconnections department. You will then talk to someone who will try to convince you to stay, working for what is usually known as the customer retention department.

It is likely that you will speak to someone who will try to convince you to stay on a standard package. However, there is scope for you to haggle – simply say that you would like to stay but you have seen better deals elsewhere. This will provoke your provider to offer you a better deal in order to keep you.

As soon as you sense that they are budging an inch, push for a mile and ask for everything that you would ideally want to be included in your mobile phone plan.

Remember that you can always change your mind at any point during this process if they do not seem to be persuaded.

But if you really can receive a better deal elsewhere, it is a great idea to go for it and switch as soon as your contract has ended, so you do not end up paying more than you need to.