How much money to take on your overseas travel?

How much money do you need to take on your trip?

One of the common questions that come in mind when taking a trip is how much money to take overseas. Well, it can cost lesser than you might imagine.

Plus, several factors can influence the amount of money to take abroad…which countries to go, the accommodations you’d like, how frequent you travel between cities, the manner of transportation, and the activities or events that you plan to do.

In this guide, we will give you an idea of how much money should you take on your trip, what to budget for and the costs at stake.

The Amount Of Money to Take Abroad

Before getting on board for your holiday travel, you must have considered the costs that you need to budget. These can help you avoid running out of money while overseas and the hassle of dealing with leftover. These can include:


Your accommodation costs can differ depending on the type of accommodation you prefer and where you’d like to stay. Though affordable hotels and accommodation can be a great way to save costs, you may need to budget based on the accommodation you choose.

Food and drink

You have to consider budgeting for three meals a day and consider whether you prefer to dine out or cook your meals. Food can also take huge slice on your budget, so making sure you have the costs covered.

Transport money to spend abroad

Travelling between cities can take up much of your holiday money. You can end up ripping your budget unless when you have included this factor in your budget beforehand.

You can do your homework and find out the public transport at each destination. It’s also ideal to determine the best possible way on how you can save travelling from one route to the other between cities and points.

Activities and entertainment to spend

You can do some research and make your itinerary for activities that you want to try or events that you wish to attend.

Making a list of your activities and setting a budget to spend abroad could help you stick to the amount to spend overseas. Attending events or considering entertainment as part of your travel budget can give you a more meaningful experience.

Emergency costs and money to take overseas

When making a budget for travel abroad, you also have to consider setting aside for unexpected costs. You’ll never know if you find some interesting buys overseas that you badly need. Anticipating these costs should also be counted on your budget.

You can save an additional 10% on your budget or work overseas when you can to get extra cash.

Saving an extra 10%

When you already calculated the costs that you need or your trip, we suggest adding 10% on your budget. This can give you breathing space so as not to run out of foreign money while overseas. It can be used for leisure or for emergencies and other unexpected costs.

Additionally, you can save some amount to spend overseas by checking our guide on the best way to spend overseas. This guide shows you which account would suit you best.

Work Abroad for Extra Cash

If you’re going for a long-term trip, it might be possible to get some part-time job that could help you earn extra cash. This can boost your finances while abroad while still having adequate time to enjoy the places you wish to visit.

Though you won’t be earning a lot from working part-time, any money that can be added on your budget can make a huge leap.

You can check for internships abroad and contact exchange companies to find a job. There are sites that can also help you get details about exchange packages or volunteering schemes around the globe.

Are there additional costs to spend abroad?

Aside from the points mentioned in this guide, there are normally no other expenses. However, some countries may have charges for visa or entry fee before you can get in. These charges may change regularly but can approximately costs around £100 or more. You must try to find out the details and plan ahead of time.

To be eligible for some visas, you have to provide proof that implies you have enough money on your bank account to cover the costs and amount to spend abroad.

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