How To Get Travel Insurance With A Pre-Existing Condition

How To Get Travel Insurance With A Pre-Existing Condition

Whether—and how—travel insurance incorporates pre-existing health or medical conditions prevails a cause of scepticism among several travellers. Most travel coverage, including medical discharge and trip cancellation, do not include pre-existing health circumstances as a “covered reason” for repaying on a claim. Here is how to take cover though you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Can I Get Cover With A Pre-Existing Medical Condition

You can get cover though with a pre-existing medical condition, but not all insurer will cover you. Some insurer will even charge you more since you are likely to claim. Besides, you’ll be eligible for the cover when you disclose your condition the time you apply for the insurance policy. Most insurers require that you disclose certain health concerns, such as: 



tickHeart conditions


tickStomach and bowel problems, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Crohn’s disease

tickPsychological issues, like depression or anxiety

tickBreathing problems (like asthma or emphysema)

You might be urged to disclose if you’re under treatment, or referred by a doctor or surgeon within the last 12 months for whatever cause.

If you do not inform your insurer about your state of health, they can revoke your policy, which leaves you with no cover at all.

What Can I Claim?

You will be covered for any claims that occur immediately or obliquely from the conditions you have declared. For instance, you will be covered when:

tickYou experience breathing difficulties and had a chest infection that needs medical treatment abroad.

tickYou endure from high blood pressure, having a heart attack or stroke on your holiday.

If you do not disclose your health conditions, any occurrence related to it won’t be covered under your policy.

How Can I Get Covered If I Have Health Issues?

You need to find a policy that covers pre-existing health condition, to do so, you can:

tickFind a policy from our travel insurance deals

tickGet a quote online and report any pre-existing medical conditions

tickComplete further questions and details related to it

tickCheck if you have a policy that includes your condition

Moreover, ensure that the policy you consider also cover for in case of flight cancellation and personal possessions. 

How To Declare Pre-Existing Health or Medical Condition?

When you secure a travel insurance quote, the insurer will askquestions about your health state. This process is for medical screening to identify your health state.

There are insurers that provide an online form which you can fill in. Some may ask you to phone them and discuss your condition in more profundity. For instance, if you suffer from heart problems, they’ll ask whether you were on surgery, or if you smoke or had an attack previously.

You need to satisfy all the information requested with all honesty. Any false information you deliver could end in your claim being denied.

What Happens After I Declare My Condition?

Once you have verified the details of your situation the insurer may offer a standard policy with no increase in cost. If not they can offer cover with an extra cost to cover you fully. They can also offer a standard policy which does not include any cover on your pre-existing condition.

Some insurer can add additional terms to your policy, for instance, a higher excess during a claim. Your cover will  depend on your condition, what conditions your insurer wills to cover and the country to go to.

How Much Will It Costs Me?

The value of your cover will be based on:

tickYour medical or health state

tickYour age

tickThe duration or length of stay

tickThe country you’re travelling to

If you are going to a country with costly medical services or care, insurers could price you more or refuse to cover.

If it requires much to cover your medical conditions, you can choose to exclude them from your policy. However, you must understand that this could mean you won’t have covered for claims that are related to your health state.

You can get more information about the healthcare of the country you are planning to visit the GOV.UK Foreign Travel Advice Page.

Finding The Best Cover 

Regardless of whether you have pre-existing health or medical condition, you can try comparing travel insurance policy  from different insurers here.