Simple Ways To Cut Your Travel Insurance Costs

Simple Ways To Cut Your Travel Insurance Costs

Travel insurance is vital to ensure that you’re protected when you’re overseas. It implies you’ll be able to receive financial assistance when you need it. Also, it is beneficial when you want to safeguard your belongings while on a trip. In this guide, we’ll show you the most efficient ways on how you can cut the costs of your holiday insurance.

Get Travel Insurance Quotes From Several Providers

The most ideal way to find a good policy that suits your needs is by getting travel insurance quotes from several providers and find for the best option.

The cost can differ between different insurance providers, so it pays when you shop around before you get the right policy for you.

Moreover, you should be careful about getting a cheaper deal because it may not give you the cover that you need. Look for the policy that offers the cover you need at a favourable price.

Avoid Travel Agents

The truth is that several of the alternatives offered by the travel agency are more expensive than elsewhere. Never accept the offer without shopping around and comparing travel insurance quotes. It’s always worth looking for a standalone policy before accepting offers right away.

Buy Online

If you need products or services these days, the best way to look for it is going online. By shopping online and comparing deals you can have so vast options to choose from. Check for comparison sites where you can find out all about the various insurance premiums available, the costs associated.

Also, you’ll have a broad selection of policies granted that some of the insurers only operate online. A lot of insurance providers offer discounts ranging from 10% or 20% if you process application online.

Save with Annual Policy

You have to choose between a single trip and annual trip travel insurance policy and determine which one suit your needs. This can help you cut costs since a single trip will only protect you for one holiday.

This means it might save you money if you are covered the whole year under an annual policy if you think of going on a trip several times in a year.

On the contrary, if you’re travelling once or twice a year, then a single trip policy would work on your favour.

Learn more about whether you need a single trip or an annual travel insurance policy through our the guide.

Get What You Need

You can also save costs when you only get the covers that you need. It is crucial that you are fully covered when going on a trip, so you can avoid thousands of bills in case something might go wrong.

You can check to find out if you’re paying extra cover that you don’t actually need. Additional cover such as extreme sports cover might not be suitable as an add on to your cover if you don’t have any plans to do such activities or sports.

Avoid Paying Twice

Check whether you already have a cover as an added feature of your current account or credit card. Make sure to check the policy thoroughly as they may just normally offer a basic level of cover. If you can’t upgrade the policy to accommodate your holiday needs then check whether you can get a separate cover.

There are policies that allow you to remove the extra cover when you are insured by other means. For instance, you can remove personal belongings or baggage cover, if you have home insurance that covers your possessions overseas.

Saving with Family Policy

If you’re going on a travel with your family, it can save you when getting a family cover rather than getting it individually. You can check for family travel insurance that covers everyone. This can be a lot cheaper than getting separate policies for each member of the family.


You can get a European Health Insurance Card or EHIC that cover some medical expenses in most of Europe. It allows you to access state-provided healthcare when you travel to the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. 

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Remember: An EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance. However, you can use with your policy and your provider may waive the remainder for a medical claim if you utilise your card.

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