Travel Insurance: What Does It Do?

Travel Insurance: What is it and What does it cover?

If you have an unfortunate accident while on a trip, you might be struggling to meet the huge expenses; so, it’s worth to have insurance in place to cover the costs. We’ll show you the basics on how you can get the right travel insurance policy.

What Can Travel Insurance Do?

Travel insurance protects you financially in cases of emergencies or accidents while you’re abroad or in a foreign land.

Whether you’re away for a holiday, a business trip, or any reason to travel, it is an essential factor to make sure you’re covered if in case something goes wrong.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

 Following are some of the things that travel insurance can cover:

tickCritically ill while away

tickInjured abroad

tickCancelled holiday plans or was cut short

tickCrime victim while overseas

If an unexpected incident happens and it’s under the coverage of your policies, travel insurance policy can pay out a lump sum up to a fixed amount. This is used to cover expenses like medical bills, repatriation, or if something is lost or stolen.

Medical Expenses

Your travel insurance can cover medical bills in case you are injured or when you get into an accident. The medical costs can include the following:

Emergency Medical Expenses: These are appropriate treatment and services needed cash as surgical and hospital treatment as well as costs for an ambulance.

Re-entry or Repatriation: This will cover your safe return home during an emergency, or if your medical treatment means you cannot use your return ticket.

Accommodation and Travel Expenses: This applies when a close relative or friend has to stay with you if you can’t return as planned. This will be determined if essential.

Emergency Dental Treatment: This is for instant relief of pain only.

If you are going to Europe make sure you get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when you need to get an extra cover.

The Costs:

You can expect for at least £2 million of medical expenses cover. However, several policies can cover up to £10 million. Besides, you can’t claim for medical expenses if you are qualified for free NHS healthcare.

Cutting Short or Cancelling Your Holiday

If an emergency entails the need to cancel your holiday, it might be possible to claim the costs you spent on the trip through your travel insurance policy.

For further information, you can check our guide that explains what is cancellation cover.

The Costs:

You can try to find a policy that will cover your holiday costs. Some can offer up to £10,000. for the coverage of these possible costs.

Personal Belongings and Baggage

This includes the unexpected loss, robbery or damage of your properties, including your luggage. There is a cover limit for each item or the total item.

Single Limit

This represents how much you can claim for a single item such as repair of cameras. For instance, if a single item costs £400, your single item cover might let you get £300. This means you won’t be getting your money back.

Total Claim Limit

This represents the maximum amount you can claim for several items under every single limit. This means if your cover is equivalent to £2,000 cover limit for the total claim, you can only claim up to this combines amount for every single item.

The Costs:

Most policies will give you a ravel insurance offer that covers up to £2,000 for a total claim limit, while single covers are usually £250. However, you can shop around and look for a higher coverage especially, if you think your items are worth more than what is offered.

Additionally, you will be get covered for any lost or stolen belongings. However, most insurance providers established constraints for UK trips. Some of which include:

tickcertain restrictions on the distance, allowing you to claim or be covered if you’re 25 miles away from home.

tickthe length or duration of your trip that has to last the set minimum duration.

Travel Insurance Cover for Delayed Flights

Your travel insurance cover should also include delayed flights for more than 12 hours. Most insurance cover such delays in cases like:

tickStrike or industrial factors

tickWeather conditions causing the delay

tickMechanical malfunction

The Costs:

You can normally get £40 for the first 12 hours, £20 for every 12 hours following, up to a limit of within £200 and £400. This is intended to cover additional expenses due to delayed flights. 

Personal Injury

Your cover includes injury abroad that results in permanent disability. Your insurance provider will be able to pay out when:

tickYou can’t walk due to your disability

tickYour limb(s) are permanent loss

tickYou’ve lost sight in one or both eyes


The coverage also applies when you’ll become disabled within 12 months or 2 years; however, this will depend on your policy.

The Costs:

Most utmost policies will give cover within £15,000 up to £25,000 for injury. The cover for death will customarily be nearby £5,000, but can much lesser if you’re over 65 years.

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