Ways to Spend Overseas: Sorting Out Last-Minute Options

Ways to Spend Overseas: Sorting Out Last-Minute Options

Going on a trip without any idea on how you can spend abroad seems like a distant dream. However, this can become a reality when you carefully plan things. In fact, there are tons of ways on how you can spend abroad. Travel does not have to be costly. Having the right budget and the suitable options on how you can spend abroad could make it a reality even if you’re not earning a lot.

Options to Spend Abroad

There are several means of how you can spend abroad. Some of which may take a while to sort out than other options. These are:

Cash – If you travel the next day, week or month, it’s possible to secure cash before your trip.

Traveller’s cheques – You can get it before your next day or next month’s trip, or possible to secure it on the next day.

Prepaid Card – It’s not guarantee to secure a prepaid card if you are to travel the next day. However, you can get it before your next week or next month’s trip.

Debit Card/Credit Card – If you’re going on a trip the next day, it would not be possible to get a debit or credit card instantly. It can be possible to secure one after a week, but not a guarantee. However, getting it a month before your trip is feasible.

Additionally, if you have to wait for any of the options listed to be delivered, there could be delays due to postal services. This means you have to have a backup plan or alternative in case of delays.

Using Cash to Spend Abroad

There are tons of ways you can buy foreign currency. Since it’s broadly accessible it would be easier and faster for you to secure travel money for your trip abroad. You can either find a high street travel money provider and pick up the foreign currency right away; or, order foreign currency online and have it delivered to your home or the closest branch on the next day.

Furthermore, currencies that are not commonly used may have to be ordered unlike popular currencies such as Euro and US dollars.

Following are some tips that you need to consider to ensure getting your travel money before your trip.

Research the currency that you need and find out which is easier to get it. Whether getting it online or on high street would be more feasible so as not to compromise your travel schedule.

Make sure to contact the travel money provider if a particular currency is not advertised. You can ask them if they can order it for you to save more of your time when possible.

If you don’t have enough time, you can still secure travel money from online providers, and check whether it’s possible to pick it up at the airport or before your trip.

Most providers allow you to pick up your currency from 1 PM the next day. However, you must contact them to ensure and scrutinize the terms and conditions of your purchase. For further details you can check our guide on how to get the best travel money deals.

Using a Traveller’s Cheque

Traveller’s cheque is widely used in the past. Today, you can longer go to stores and buy one as they are phased out. However, you can still secure one online and have them delivered to your home or pick them in the store. Most of the travel money providers allow pick up of traveller’s cheques from 1 PM the following day. You must also check on the delivery time and day to be certain, since ordering it over the weekend can prolonged the delivery.

If you prefer traveller’s cheques over the weekend, you’ll likely to pay additional fees or charges. Check our guide about the best ways to spend abroad to know more.

Using a Prepaid Card

Applying for a new prepaid card could normally take between 3 to 5 days after completing your application. Before considering a prepaid cards, you must compare the costs of using it to spend overseas. It is ideal to pick a card with low overseas charges to save money on your trip.

On the contrary, if you have a prepaid card, you can just top it up ready for your trip overseas. Nevertheless, it may cost you expensive charges when spending it overseas.

We suggest checking our guide on the best ways to spend abroad.

Using Debit or Credit Card

Debit and credit cards work in different ways abroad. It can rip off your pocket if you failed to choose the most suitable way to spend abroad.

If you wish to apply for new debit or credit card, it can take between 3 to 7 days for the delivery or much longer if you applied over the weekend.

Should you try your luck getting your new card and PIN via postal service within a week, make sure you have available funds or any backup plan in case of delays.

Using an Existing Debit or Credit Card

A quicker and easier option would be using an existing credit or debit card. But, this might not be the best option to choose.

Moreover, if your existing debit or credit card carries charges when using it overseas, you should refer to our guide on the best way to spend abroad. You can also refer to our guide in getting the best deal on travel money. If it does not charge you for spending overseas, then you can grab your luggage and fly your way to your holiday destinations.

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