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Mobile Phone Insurance: What You Should Know

You have just bought a smart phone and you are all set to enjoy this gadget. However, you need to insure your phone in case the unexpected happens. Some people hold the view that mobile phone insurance is an unnecessary waste of money because they do not plan to lose their phones.

Now, nobody plans to lose his or her mobile phone or any other gadget for that matter, but these things happen. Therefore it makes sense to take out the right gadget insurance. Below are some compelling reasons to insure your phone.

Theft Cover

If your phone is stolen, you must shell out big money to buy another one. This is clearly an inconvenience because it is not on your agenda to spend hundreds of pounds to purchase a new smart phone. Now, if you have the right iphone insurance, your insurer can simply replace the stolen phone or pay you compensation so you can buy another one.

Water Damage

Even if you are the most careful person in the UK, you cannot rule out water damage to you smart phone. Maybe you accidentally dropped your phone in water. Maybe you went swimming and your phone was splashed.

Water damage is bad news because your phone will never be the same again if you drop it in water. With the right cell phone insurance, you can get a replacement for the damaged phone if the policy you have covers accidental liquid damage to your phone.

A Cracked Screen

A cracked screen is one of the most common problems for mobile phone users. For this reason, it makes sense to take out a phone insurance policy that covers accidental damage to your handset. Once you have this policy, your insurer will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your cracked screen.

Battery Replacement

Your battery powers your phone so you want this vital accessory to be in good working order all the time. This is particularly true for iphone 6s users who use this phone for internet and e-commerce activities. You probably have iphone 6s insurance for this smart phone. However, ordinary mobile insurance does not cover a damaged battery.

You need phone insurance accessory cover in addition to your mobile phone insurance policy. This way, you will get a replacement battery if your battery is damaged or if it malfunctions.

Unauthorized Calls

Some mobile phone thieves specialize in stealing your handset so they can make calls with it. If you are on a post-paid plan, the unauthorized calls cover is great for you. This policy covers you for unauthorized calls made by the person who stole your phone. Depending on the insurer and the plan you choose, you can get cover to the tune of £10,000.

Digital Wallet Insurance

This is a great policy for people who use their smart phones for online transactions. This policy is essentially an E-Wallet insurance policy and it covers you in case fraudsters steal your phone. This policy gives you cover for any fraudulent activity carried out by the people who stole your phone.

It also covers unauthorized payments made by the criminals who stole your phone. Note that this policy comes with certain limits so you should discuss the fine points with your insurer so that you understand exactly what is covered and what is not.

Digital Download Cover

If your phone contains apps, movies and other digital downloads, it makes sense to take out the digital download cover. This policy covers you if your movies, apps and other downloads are lost or deleted while the phone was stolen.

However, there is one condition. You must prove that you bought the apps, movies and downloads in question from a reputable store like Google Play or iTunes. If the files are illegal downloads, you will not get compensation from your insurer.

Overseas Cover

If you travel abroad often, this insurance policy is just right for you. This policy covers you for a certain period while you are outside your country of residence. It is a useful umbrella policy because it covers damage, theft or loss of your handset while you are abroad.

This policy comes with different rates for different countries so you should discuss the details with your insurer before you travel. This way, you take out a policy that is applicable to the country you are visiting.

Multiple Gadget Insurance

One smart way to save money on your mobile phone insurance is to take out a multiple gadget insurance. This policy is a great idea if you have multiple gadgets like a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone. In this case, you simply insure all these gadgets under one policy. The insurer will break down the policy for you so that you know exactly what is covered per gadget.

The advantage here is that you get a discount because you are insuring several gadgets using one umbrella policy. This policy covers accidental damage, theft and mechanical breakdown.

Cheap Phone Insurance

So far, the emphasis has been on insuring your smart phones and your iphones. However, cell phone insurance is not restricted to expensive smart phones. You can still insure your phone even if you are using a relatively inexpensive one. Discuss the options with your insurer and you will get a policy that is perfectly suited to your phone.

What Is Not Covered

We have discussed mobile phone insurance policies. However, your insurer does not cover every eventuality. Below are some things your insurer will not cover.

  • A missing sim card
  • Recall of the mobile phone or manufacturer’s defect
  • Scratches and cosmetic damages
  • Intentional damage to your phone not caused by a third party
  • Damage caused by refusal to follow manufacturer’s instructions

Final Word

As you can see, it makes a lot of sense to insure your mobile phone. Talk to several insurers and get an idea of the options open to you. Select the perfect mobile phone insurance package and you will be happy with it.