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A Guide To Pay Weekly Catalogues

Do online products appeal to you? Are you unable to purchase from a wide range of goods available at online malls because you do not have the funds required? Would it not be great if you had the opportunity to pay the amount in weekly instalments?

How would you feel if you could afford to be able to purchase the goods you wanted to buy, and can afford more, and not having a tough time making payments on your accounts whenever a payment is due?

Welcome to the world of weekly pay catalogues that allow customers from the United Kingdom facilities such as paying the purchase value in weekly instalments.

Bad or no credit history?

Bad credit catalogues provide customers with the opportunity to save, compare, as well as find the brands they wish to purchase for an affordable price. Many sites are quite lenient regarding their credit checks. They have approved customers with a bad credit rating or those having no credit history for a weekly pay credit account.

How do pay weekly catalogues work?

There is no guesswork involved with such types of catalogues. You only need to visit the site offering the catalogue and apply for your account. You will receive approval almost instantaneously and receive a notification regarding your spending thresholds as well. Following this, you can visit the site, select the item you want to purchase and place your order.

You will receive the item within a day or two. Also, you will receive an account within a week after your order, containing information about your first payment date along with the minimum amount you have to pay every week after that until you pay the balance completely.

Do I have to pay interest on pay weekly catalogues?

Yes, you must pay interest as such sites are similar to loan or credit account. The weekly payment is inclusive of the interest. However, you need not worry about this, as the payments are as low as £2 to £3 per week.

Numerous catalogues of some of the leading pay weekly catalogues offer interest-free repayments for up to three years, meaning that you do not have to pay any interest so long you pay the weekly principal repayment in full and on time until you complete the entire amount. You can save a substantial amount by purchasing goods through the 0% interest option.

Are there minimum purchase amounts?

To receive weekly financing through a catalogue, you need to order goods worth a minimum of £50. In such accounts, expect to pay £2 to £10 for most of the items you purchase online. You might not believe it, but you can effortlessly purchase costly items such as a fridge or television when you opt to make payments every week.

The minimum purchase amount might differ from one catalogue to the other. Therefore, you should check different catalogues, compare the prices they charge for a specific item and purchase from the one that charges the least.

What products are available through pay weekly catalogues?

The items are directly dependent on the catalogue offering you the financing. Some impose restrictions on the things you can purchase through this option, and others impose a limit on the amount you receive for financing.

Therefore, it is a good idea to confirm the items available, the terms & conditions, things you can or cannot order, and financing options (no interest) when choosing a catalogue to ensure that you get the best value for your money and have the freedom to purchase the good(s) you want.

Do pay weekly catalogues approve everybody for an account?

It is easier to get approval from such catalogues, as opposed to the traditional loans and credit cards. Hence, it is much more flexible. Nevertheless, sites offering such catalogues run a credit check, implying implies that they will not approve everyone.

Apart from this, there is no guarantee about the amount the catalogue will approve an individual for when he or she opts to make weekly payments for the products they order from online sites. Going through the FAQs and terms & conditions might reveal these details.

Are there any prepayment penalties?

Most catalogues have prepayment penalties, especially when you select a specific period to repay. Therefore, if you choose a four-month window but complete the payment within two months through equal weekly instalments, the catalogue will charge you a settlement penalty.

It all depends on the type of account you are applying for, the items you are ordering, and the catalogue itself. To ensure that you get the best deal and repayment options, compare the restrictions and penalties of different catalogues.

What kinds of products are available through pay weekly catalogues?

There is a catalogue for nearly every specific product you could ever want, including building materials, health and beauty supplies, garden products, gaming, music, jewellery, electrical, electronics, furniture, sunglasses, footwear, kid, gents, and ladies clothing, and home appliances etc.

Some of the best brands available through pay weekly catalogues

Apart from offering a wide range of products, each specific catalogue further offers top brand names such as Studio, Next, Premier Man Perfect Homes, Fashion World and much more!

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