How to Spend Less on Entertainment

In this guide, we tell you how to spend less on the things that you enjoy doing most, as a hobby, on your own, or with friends.

Cut the cost of the Cinema

Get a cinema membership

There are two main cinema chains that grant cinema memberships, Cineworld and ODEON.

You pay for each membership via a monthly direct debit, typically for a 12-month term, and you have the opportunity to watch as many films as you can every month.

If you just go to the cinema once or twice a month at most, then this method may end up costing you more than paying every time you go.

Choose the right day

Many cinemas give discounted screenings at specific times of the week – whether this is an evening of the week or weekday mornings when they are usually quiet such as described on the Vue website and the Empire website.

Save on tickets for live events

Look for cheap tickets

Do not just buy your ticket at face value; there are a lot of sites that will offer the same ticket at a portion of the price.

Once you decide on what or who you want to see, visit the following sites:

  • See Tickets
  • Theatre Monkey
  • Ticketmaster
  • Seat Choice
  • Ticketline

While you are visiting these sites, it may also be a great idea to sign up for their newsletters so that you can be informed of new tickets and deals as soon as they are available.

Remember to consider booking fees and the like when you analyse prices so that you can make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

Check at the box office

Avoid handling or booking charges by personally going to the box office to check prices.

If you can,  try to book directly as you will usually be charged more in fees when you book using a third party.

Second-hand tickets

Various sites now give you the chance to purchase your ticket as-new, second hand over the internet.

Visit the following sites if you are trying to book sold out tickets:

  • Seat Wave
  • Get Me In
  • Gigantic
  • Viagogo
  • eBay
  • Gumtree

Remember to make sure that you are buying from a legitimate seller.

Save on nights out

Cheap drinks

Make sure that you plan your evening to include clubs and pubs with special offers, like 2-4-1 cocktails and happy hour.

Book in advance

Many clubs will give you a discount if you book with them in advance. You can either visit them directly or call them on the phone to negotiate for a lesser price.

Discount restaurant meals

There are various restaurants that will give 2-4-1 dinner deals or 2-3 course meal for a lower price.

You can visit websites such as, that allows you to reserve last minute tables in selected locations across the United Kingdom for a discounted price.

Bring your own bottle

Some restaurants allow you to bring your own bottle, which can be much cheaper than buying wine there, so verify if this is allowed before you go.

To look for a restaurant that allows you to bring your own, visit the Wine-pages website.

Save on days out

Free days out

You are spoilt for options when it comes down to heritage and culture across the United Kingdom, and the best part about the options is that they are normally free!

You can look and plan a variety of free activities using the following websites:



Going to festivals can end up being an expensive affair. However, there are ways for you to decrease the cost, from start to finish, in every possible way.

Cheap spa days

There are competing deals that are often available for spa days and weekends. Visit websites such as Wahanda to see if you could save money while pampering yourself.

Cheap and fun nights in

Free TV & films online

You can just sit back and enjoy a broad range of television programs and films from the comfort of your sofa with services administered by services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which require a monthly subscription fee.

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Cheap gaming

If you are one of those that enjoy gaming, then there are various ways to get yourself a console and games without spending too much. Opt for bundle deals, or look to buy pre-owned, to get the most for your money.

Save by eating in

Visit websites like Hungry House or Just Eat for deals at your local takeaway and sign up for their newsletter so that you can find out about special deals and promotions.