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Maximum Cancellation Cover

Up to £5,000

Maximum Medical Cover

Up to £10,000,000

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Single Trip, Multi-Trip, Medical, Longstay, Wintersports, Cruise

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A Guide To Cheap Travel Insurance – What Does A Good Policy Look Like?

Huge numbers of holidaymakers travel abroad each summer. This means that more people are likely to encounter problems, whether accidental, medical or criminal in nature. The costs involved are alarmingly high — and some will sadly find that they are not covered.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Whether or not you need insurance depends largely on your appetite for risk while traveling abroad. Thankfully, a travel insurance policy covers a variety of potential pitfalls starting with the possibility that you may not make the trip at all.

Almost all holiday packages involve paying money well in advance and losing either part or all of it if you are unable to take the holiday because you either have an accident, a family member falls ill or due to some other unforeseen circumstance.

This is why most travel insurance policies cover cancellation and the next obvious reason which is missed departure.

All manner of things could possibly go wrong on holiday. You could end up being mugged, or need medical intervention and if you’re really unlucky you could die abroad. All of these unfortunate incidents, unfortunately, come with a price tag. There are a series of terms and conditions.

Cheap Holiday Insurance

However, your holiday insurance will meet most all of the costs involved when the unexpected happens. So you basically need to decide what risks you are prepared to accept and basically whether you are prepared to take out an insurance policy that you may never need to use.

Should You Travel Without Insurance?

Ultimately, whether or not to take holiday insurance should be something that you consider. There are however a few exceptions to the rule. A few countries like Cuba and was biggest on the mound at all to address or holidaymakers have travel insurance. However, aside from these two exceptions insurance is not a necessity for many who take holidays.

If you perhaps booked a package holiday to the mid-, and due to some unforeseen circumstance you are unable to travel, you can sell or give the trip to someone else [subject to a name change fee of around 50 pounds]. Also, most European countries are covered by the European EHIC Scheme.

This scheme basically offers the same kind of treatment as local citizens. You will also probably already have household insurance that covers your valuables. Alternatively, it’s a good idea not to carry anything that you cannot afford to replace while traveling.

Alternatively, due to age or medical condition, you may face exorbitant premiums, and this could be a deterrent for taking out a holiday insurance policy. However, you should also note that due to age or state of help, you are in a position to need the insurance more than someone who is younger and of average health.

For most people, traveling to various parts of the world and having holiday insurance while doing it is an excellent idea. Your holiday insurance policy should be kept with your essential documents along with an emergency contact number.

Should I Buy An Annual Policy Or A Single Trip?

This decision all boils down to what you are planning. If you usually take a 2 week yearly holiday overseas and another short getaway, then taking out insurance to cover specific trips will probably be the best option for you.

Alternatively, you can choose to take out a policy that allows an unlimited number of overseas holidays each year, which is subject to a maximum trip length which is usually a month. You should also be given the option to pay extra to extend this limit.

Why is there a limit on the length of trips? This is a good question. Insurance usually works by all of the policyholders coming together and putting money into a fund that limits the downside when bad things happen. Everyone pays a premium which will eventually help only a small number of them.

The actual amount or price a of that premium is assessed by men and women who use historical data to work out how much the fund will pay out. And it only makes sense that the longer you are on holiday, the higher the risk.

Should I Use A Price Comparison Site For My UK Travel Insurance?

Go Compare – Tesco, Saga

If you are under the age of 65 and you have no pre-existing medical conditions and are not planning any adventurous activities soon, then such online will help you get a sense of the price of holiday insurance. The cheapest insurance packages will normally offer you a strong level of medical cover but you will be limited with regards to whether or not you are able to cancel.

However, these policies usually offer no cover for loss of property and peripheral benefits such as delays.

Compare Travel Insurance – Compare the Market

Ultimately, it’s safe to say that once you know the cost of a basic policy, you should check with the fine print and then take it out. However, it does make more sense to decide the stress that are important to you and then get a policy that is custom-made or covers those key elements.

Best Travel Insurance

If you have an expensive trip planned well in advance, then you definitely need an appropriate period of cancellation cover, which could just increase your premiums.

Alternatively, if you’re not going to be exposed to significant potential losses [for example because you always book late or you choose cheap camping holidays in France], you should choose a low-cost no-frills policy that mainly covers medical emergencies.

Cheap Travel Insurance – Travel Insurance Quote

If you are seriously considering taking out holiday insurance, then you should shop around for the best deal. Take into consideration the types of holidays will be taking, how often you will be traveling, your age, your help and also what destinations will be traveling to.

All of these factors do payroll in the type of insurance policy you take out and how much you ultimately pay for your holiday insurance. It is vitally important that you take out holiday insurance policy that is tailor-made for you to ensure that you are fully covered in the event that anything does go wrong.