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Caravan Insurance Guide For Your Camper And Motorhome

Caravan insurance is typically categorized into three categories: static caravan insurance, touring caravan insurance, and insurance for folding campers.

Campervan insurance is a type of arrangement in which a third-party agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss or theft.

Static Caravan Insurance

if you have a sort of motorhome that is mostly static, then you should think about getting this type of insurance. This would keep your investment protected as well as any of the contents in it since it is deemed your “home.” It also covers accidental damage.

In the case that you do move your motorhome, make sure that any transit business that you use has goods in transit insurance in the case that your home becomes damaged during their possession.

Touring Caravans Insurance

This type of insurance is designed for motorhomes that are attached to another vehicle, also called touring caravans.

Campervan Insurance

Folding campers and insurance. This type of motorhome is a hybrid between a tent and a campervan. They aren’t as secure as traditional caravans, which means that any sort of belongings in these type of folding campers may be difficult to insure.

Caravan insurance is a viable way to protect against the possibility of eventuality, safeguarding your investment.

However, for those who just obtained their campervan, they may be a bit confused as to how they should compare policies or receive a caravan insurance quote in the first place. Here’s how to go about the process to secure a good deal.

Do I Even Need Motorhome Insurance?

While it is a requirement for cars to have insurance for it to be road legal, coverage for a touring caravan isn’t.

However, for peace of mind, it is best that you obtain a policy before you go out on the road. There are real risks like accidental damage and theft, which makes insurance highly advisable.

Caravan theft is becoming increasingly common due to how quickly it can be done. Insurance will help pay off the cost of buying a new motorhome. For older caravans, the cover will usually be restricted to the market value of the vehicle. Also, depending on your insurances terms, it can help cover personal items.

Do not rely on your home policy, since it may not be compatible with your caravan.

Obtain insurance that allows for emergency accommodation expenses. Many people live out of their motorhomes and caravans, and you will need insurance to cover you in the chance that your trailer is inaccessible due to damage or theft, especially if you are traveling abroad.

Thankfully most insurance companies understand that the vehicle will be subjected to the elements, with storm damage typically being part of the policy.

Compare The Market For Caravan Insurance

Regardless if you’re getting insurance for a static or touring caravan, it’s crucial for you to go compare caravan insurance. What you should look for will largely depend on who uses your caravan, how it’s used, and how often it is driven.

Consider policy features that focus on family cover, coverage for valuables, as well as cover for accidental damages.

It’s also vital that you work with a company that has solid ratings, with the dedication to customer service. Ideally, there should be minimal contact between you and your insurance once the policy has enacted, since most of the time when you are calling your insurance company, it’s due to dire news about your caravan.

However, for the times that you are actually in contact with your insurance company, you want to deal with customer service that is sympathetic and understanding.

You will also want an insurance company that has affordable premiums. You shouldn’t always go for the cheapest option, because sometimes you will be paying for quality services.

The best way to guarantee that you are getting a reasonable price is to shop around for multiple insurers, inquiring about quotes so you can compare prices and type of coverage.

There are also different ways that you can minimize your premium costs, making them more affordable.

Insurance companies are willing to help you out in emergencies, but they are also willing to lower the premiums if you are taking the protection of your property seriously.

For example, having your caravan fitted with security features can help reduce your premiums. A wired or integrated security system aims to minimize the chances of caravan theft, and helps to thwart break-ins. Even in the frustrating case of vandalism, you will have evidence to leverage against perpetrators.

Certain insurance companies will offer several discounts on their premiums if a caravan has a GPS tracking system, some sort of burglar alarm, a hitch lock, wheel clamps when stationary, and corner steady locks.

If you go caravan-ing often, then inquire about insurance companies with your camping club. Sometimes they may have a business relationship with insurance companies that will be able to offer discounts for caravan owners who sign up through the camping club’s membership.

How To Get Cheap Motorhome Insurance?

There are also other ways where you can get cheaper motorhome insurance. As with most insurance policies, the higher the access you can put up with, the better quotes you’ll be able to secure. You can try different access settings, then get your quotes and see the changes it makes.

It’s also worth noting that cash flow is important. Once you have chosen the right insurance from your comparison list, pay in 12 monthly installments with a direct debit.

Your insurance premiums won’t go lower, but being able to make smaller amounts throughout the year rather than a lump sum will help you manage payments.

Most insurance policies will enable you to choose between two valuation options: “new for old”, which means that you be granted an amount that will allow you to buy a new equivalent of a caravan that is being claimed for, or a “replacement value” which is more affordable because you get a secondhand value of an item, but not enough compensation for a brand-new replacement.

Choose whichever type of cover you’d satisfied with, being cognizant of your coverage costs.

Motorhome insurance quotes will explain upfront costs, associated fees, and the type of coverage you’ll receive. Careful caravan insurance comparison will allow you to get the best policy for the best price.

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