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Studio retail limited opted ACE 24 catalogue as their trading name the company is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit and general insurance.

It is a multi-channel company operating its business for over 50 years. It has started its operations in 1962 with paper catalogues.

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Free standard delivery plus pay no interest for 6 months on your first credit order.

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What Products Does Ace 24 Sell?

Ace is an online shopping catalogue which offers almost everything under one roof the website offers men, women, kids, home, kitchen, electronics, jewelry, toys, garden, health, beauty, confectionery to name a few.

Products are personalized at absolutely no extra charge. You can get the customized products right at your door.

Big Brands At Ace 24 Catalogue

Ace Catalogue offers clothing from other big brands including adidas, Nike, K Swiss, Timberland, Skechers, Regatta, Converse, UGG, CrossHatch, Voi, Lyle & Scott, Jack & Jones, Firetrap, Vans, Diesel, EA7 / Emporio Armani and Puma but on discounted price.

They have developed their own fabulous range of branded clothing. Which provides high street fashion at a fraction of the cost.

How To Buy From Ace Catalogue?

Ace Catalogue provides variety of things you buy and several options to pay for those purchases you can purchase an item and use their credit option for paying if you have a credit account with them you can use “by now pay later” option.

According to you conveyance you can pay in installments as well. They also have an” interest saver” option. Representative 49.9% APR variable.

Ace 24 Catalogue Account Login

You can login to you Ace catalogue account here or apply for a new account

Paper Catalogue Or Online Shopping Catalogue?

Ace provides a range of products via its paper and online catalogue. Ace 24 used to have a paper catalogue when it started now, they also have an online catalogue from where you can select and purchase items instantly to be delivered to your door.

If you fancy a paper catalogue you can order one with your first online purchase.

Updated Catalogue

Ace updated its catalogue with changing seasons and occasions so it’s a good idea to keep an eye for different offers and deals with every passing season or for every coming event like boxing day sales, Christmas sales and kids school offers.

Offer of the months are a good way to see some new and exciting deals and offers.

Ace Catalogue.

Visit Ace Catalogue

How To Order From The Ace Paper Catalogue

If you have chosen a product from a paper catalogue you can order it online, this way you get the benefits of seeing the latest stock information and the current prices.

Payment And Security

Ace maintains customer security and is responsible for their transactional secrecy. The website uses industry standard security software (SSL) to protect online transactions.  There are several payment options you can choose from. Buy a product now and pay absolutely nothing for now you can buy on credit and expand your payment time at anytime.

Ace Personalized Products

Ace catalogue offers a wide range of personalized goods you can customize the products according to your taste. They have a strict customization policy so double check everything before ordering. The pictures and images should be of good quality for better results.

Making A Complaint With Ace Catalogue

You can lodge your complaints about orders and stuff through writing, email and a phone call. You should provide following details for lodging a complaint

  • Your Name and Address
  • Your Customer Account Number
  • A clear description of your concerns or complaint
  • A daytime telephone number where we can contact you
  • Details of what you would like them to do to put it right.

Ace Product Pricing

Prices in the catalogue include VAT. Any changes in price listed and actual price could be a result of an increase or decrease in VAT. Regular price check has been done with the retailers and suppliers and the prices are listed after a thorough research and discussion with suppliers.

Offer and sale prices are listed as NOW and the old price says WAS in catalogue.

Trading Terms

Security checks are undertaken under credit reference agency searches and a quotation search is done if you agree to change your account from Personal to Credit a credit search is done as well.

After the products are dispatched a bill is sent to customers for payment which can be made via debit or credit card from VISA, VISA DEBIT, MASTER, MAESTRO.

Ace Catalogue Product Insurance

Ace insurance policy regulates under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Product Replacement or Breakdown (the Warranty) is from Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444 which is managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited. You do not need to pay any fee for this service.

Electrical goods are insured whose summary as well is given as follows;

The insurance is designed to repair or replace your product if it breaks down and fails to operate as intended by the manufacturer outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee period.

If your product has an original purchase price of £200.00 or less, we will (in the event of a valid breakdown claim) replace your product with an identical product, or if this is not possible, we will provide a product of like kind and quality from Studio Retail.

If your product has an original purchase price of more than £200.00, we may (in the event of a valid breakdown claim):

  • choose to pay for the cost of repairing your product, or,
  • replace your product with an identical product. If this is not possible, we will provide a product of like kind and quality from Studio Retail.
  • If no replacement can be found, we will arrange for a credit to be applied to the account through which the original purchase was made. However, we will only pay the purchase price of the product, or £1500, whichever is lower.

NOTE: The plan is limited to two replacements of the product insured, or £3000.00 in total. Following two replacements the plan will terminate. If the replacement product is to be covered, you will need to buy a new plan.

What Is Not Insured?

  • Liquid damage or accidental damage
  • Theft or loss of the product
  • Products used for Commercial use

Are There Any Restrictions On Cover?

  • Deliberately damaging or neglecting your product;
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown for which the manufacturer, supplier or any other person may be held responsible under the terms of any guarantee or warranty;
  • The replacement of or adjustment to consumable items including but not limited to discs, records, tapes, styli, cartridges, software, aerials or aerial sockets, air or water filters, light, plugs, fuses, batteries, disposable bags, belts, brushes or tools;
  • Claims caused by routine servicing, inspection, maintenance or cleaning;
  • Claims caused by a manufacturing defect or a product recall;
  • Claims resulting from repairs carried out by a repairer not authorised by us;
  • Claims resulting from wear and tear or the gradual deterioration of performance;

The cover is only provided for UK and compensation is given on the grounds that product was handled carefully and there was not any negligence on customer part.

Cover starts as soon you purchase the product and it end after manufacturers guarantee expires.

Payment for the cover to be made through Ace 24 account. You can cancel the policy within 30 days after that you will receive policy documents and any premium will be refunded if no claim is made. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Different payment options
  2. Flexible cancellation policy within 14 days
  3. Flexible return policy
  4. Flexible payment policy
  5. Authorised by FCA
  6. Customer satisfaction is the main goal
  7. Substitutes are available
  8. Strict quality control
  9. Customer secrecy is important
  10. Social media influencer
  11. Different prizes and draws
  12. 0nline membership program


  1. High APR representative
  2. Delivery charges paid by customer
  3. Delivery payment for returning is to be paid by customer.
  4. Complicated complaint lodging
  5.  Use of tracking and cookies
  6. Third party cookies
  7. No warranty of right information
  8. Price change without notice
  9. No refund for personalised products
  10. No cancellation for personalized products

TrustPilot Customer Reviews

  • Excellent – 68%
  • Great – 15%
  • Average – 5%
  • Poor – 3%
  • Bad – 10%

Reviews by TrustPilot

Feefo Experience Rating

  • 4.8/5
  • Overall rating is with 5 stars
  • 57 customer gave 5 out of 5
  • 8 customer gave 4 out of 8
  • 3 gave 3 out of 5
  • No one gave 1 or 2
  • This rating is based on 68 service ratings over the past year

Ratings by Feefo.

Review Centre Experience Rating

1.3/5 overall from 72 customers.

Rating by Review Centre.

Social Media

Ace connects with its customers through social media websites like:

These platforms provide an insight to the customers about latest products and offers.

Lucky draws and prizes are announced through these platforms.


Get a FREE CREDIT CHECK before you apply

Get a FREE CREDIT CHECK before you apply. Simply click the link at the top of the page to take you to the free credit checker. Get accepted today.

How do I Request An Ace Catalogue?

To request an Ace Catalogue simply click here to be redirected to their site. Scroll to the footer and select ‘request catalogue’.

Where Can I Find Ace Catalogue Discount Codes?

You can find the latest promo codes for Ace catalogue on our site here. Simply scroll down and find the offer that suits you then click and you will be redirected to the site.

How Can I Apply For A Credit Line With Ace Catalogue?

You can apply for a credit line with Ace which will allow you to buy now and pay later on most products, thus spreading the cost of repayments over a longer period.

How Do I Contact Ace Catalogue?

You can contact Ace Catalogue directly on Telephone: 0371 200 0378 or via the secure online contact form.

Can Ace Catalogue provide home delivery?

Yes, this is possible, and the rates will depend on the size of the items. Every order will carry a delivery charge that will be £4.99 for small items and £19.99 for those that include bigger items.

Where can I find Ace promo codes?

You can find the latest promo codes for Ace catalogue on our site here. Simply scroll down and find the offer that suits you then click and you will be redirected to the site.

What credit options can buyers choose from?

Ace Catalogue allows people to avail of either the Interest Saver or the Buy Now, Pay Later programs. With Interest Saver, the cost of an order can be spread out without worrying about the interest rate during a certain period. As for the Buy Now, Pay Later scheme, items can be received immediately without the buyer paying until several months later.

Can Ace Catalogue provide home delivery?

Yes, this is possible, and the rates will depend on the size of the items. Every order will carry a delivery charge that will be £4.99 for small items and £19.99 for those that include bigger items.

How are small items defined?

This store sells items that can be considered small. These include novelty gifts, clothes, and household appliances. Thanks to their manageable size, the items can be handled by the regular delivery partners. They can be carried by a single person and placed in standard delivery vans for transport. If all the items in an order are of a small size, the delivery charge will remain at £4.99. This rule holds whether the order requires several parcels.

Is it possible to spread the cost?

Ace allows its customers to spread the cost for their purchases. Payments are not required at the time the order is made. People can wait to their statement to arrive and then they can pay the cost. They have the choice to pay the full amount or simply spread the cost.

The statement will include a due date and a minimum amount. Meet these requirements and you can pay the rest later. This should make it highly convenient for shoppers to buy and pay for products they like.

What is the Ace Catalogue Credit Plan?

Customers of Ace Catalogue can avail of payment plans that consist of a definite amount and a specific period. You could, for instance, get a Buy Now Pay Later plan wherein you must pay £200 in the next 12 months.

These could be limited offers on certain items or a plan that covers an entire order with multiple items. Household appliances are great examples as they can cost a great deal. Using a BNPL plan for purchases would make sense.

Customers can avail of several plans simultaneously if the total amount of these orders do not exceed the credit limit. A section of the site is dedicated to monthly updates for these individual plans.

Is it possible to vary the credit limit?

Monthly reviews are conducted for the credit limits. Customers will see their go up or down based on vital metrics such as order values, order frequencies, and payment history.

Those who would like to order items that cost more than their available credit will just have to pay for the gap so that the store can go ahead with the order.

It is also possible for people to request a decrease in their credit limit. Ace must be reached at official channels and informed about the desired amount. This will still be subject to review, but the store will make sure than the credit limit will not exceed this value.

Company Details
  • Registration Number: 00718151
  • Incorporation Date: 1962-03-16
  • Status: Active
Loan Details
  • APR 49.9% APR
  • Loan Amount £500
  • Repayment Duration Up to 12 months
Contact Ace 24 Catalogue
  • via Phone: 0344 800 2882 Call
  • via Post: Church Bridge House, Henry Street, Accrington, United Kingdom, BB5 4EE