Anico Finance was launched in 2012. It is a direct lender authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company offers short-term “instalment” loans to customers who have trouble getting credit from the mainstream financial institutions, or those who need the money faster as compared to what many banks can accommodate.

This would include those who work in the United Kingdom on a valid VISA and wish to send money back home to their family abroad.

What Loans Do They Offer?

Anico offers unsecured loans to meet financial needs of its clients – be they medical expenses, education fees, property renovations, other capital expenses, or remittance to loved ones back home.

For new customers, Anico Finance offers loans between £300 and £1,000 for new customers. On the other hand, existing customers are eligible to apply for as much as £2,000. Customers who have demonstrated a good repayment record may be entitled to increased loans, all subject to affordability, creditworthiness, and status.

The loans can be paid back monthly to help in covering and spreading the cost of an unexpected financial shortfall.

Unlike a “payday loan” that is repaid along with interest in one lump sum on your payday, Anico allows its borrowers to pay their loan back in monthly installments. Thus, spreading the repayment over longer periods can make your monthly installments more manageable but pushes up the overall cost of the loan.

Application Requirements

If you want to apply for a loan from Anico Finance, you must:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age
  2. Be a resident of the United Kingdom or have an active visa
  3. Have an active debit card
  4. Have an income



The agreed repayment amount will be paid either using your debit card or through a direct debit mandate that you entered when you took out your loan.

When the collections are made from your debit card, these are made under a Continuous Payment Authority that you grant to them when taking out an Anico Loan.

More details can be found in your pre-contractual information and your Anico Loan Agreement.

How To Use A Continuous Payment Authority

When taking out a loan with Anico, you will need to make your payments either by direct debit or through a Continuous Payment Authority (“CPA”) on your debit card.

Where a CPA is used, the CPA will only be attempted twice for any entire installment on a consecutive basis and only within the period from the due date of the instalment up to the close of business the following business day. This will be subject to express agreement from you to alter a collection cycle, for example, owing to change or irregularity in pay date.

If ever two consecutive CPA card collections have failed, Anico will reach out to you to talk about your circumstances to ascertain the reason why the payments failed and to resolve the situation. Anico will not attempt to make further collections from your debit card without talking to you, ascertaining your circumstances and where appropriate, obtaining your consent.

You must note that you have the right to cancel your CPA at any time by notice in writing addressed to Anico at

If you choose to cancel your CPA, you must remember that the amount you owe Anico is still outstanding and you must look for a way to pay your loan or you will fall behind with your payments which can have serious consequences.

How Does It Work?

  1. To start your application, you can call Anico and talk with one of their advisors who will help you with the completion of your application.
  2. The advisors will always talk to you regarding the details you have provided. Anico makes sure you understand what you are applying for. It will also be a way for them to properly asses an applicant’s personal circumstances and check your credit score further. Some documents may also be required from you.
  3. Internal processing. To assess the affordability of the loan, Anico looks at many different factors to be able to try and provide the customer with the most suitable loan.
  4. Their agents will then talk to you about their decision and guide you through some important documents such as your loan agreement. It is important that you truly understand their agreement and terms.
  5. Anico aims to have the money in your account the same day as its approval.


  • You can borrow from £300 to £1,000. For new customers, Anico Finance allows them to borrow a maximum of £1,000 . The amount is remarkably larger as compared to many of its competitors. Existing customers can apply for a maximum loan of £2,000.
  • You also have the option to pay the loan over a period of 3-12 months. Rather than the more traditional “payday” loan method of repaying the loan along with interest in one large lump sum, Anico Finance allows you to pay in fixed monthly instalments which could prove to be more manageable.
  • Personal service. Loan applicants will always speak to a customer service advisor before a decision on the loan is made. Thus, the lender can take your personal circumstances as well as your credit history into account. Anico employs various freelance agents to promote the firm to friends and family and they are paid commission whenever a loan offer is taken up.
  • Early repayment. You have the option to settle your loan before its due date at any time, free of charge. If you can afford to do so, we recommend doing it as it can save you money in interest.
  • No hidden fees or penalty charges are charged. Anico will notify you the exact amount that you will have to repay before you take out a loan. It will not impose a penalty charge you if you are late on a repayment, however, you must remember that you will pay more in interest and can negatively affect your credit rating.



  • The loans offered by Anico Finance have fixed and high interest rates. Just like most short-term loan providers, the interest rates of the loans are high, and this can realistically be considered as an expensive way of borrowing.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much can I borrow?

Answer: For those who are not first-time customers, you may be able to borrow amounts that range between £300 and £1000. The vast majority of the lender’s customers borrow between £500 and £1000. Their assessment of your creditworthiness, sustainability, and affordability assessment will determine the amount that you may be eligible to borrow.

When you have successfully repaid your first loan, you may be eligible for increased loan amounts, however, all repeat applications will still be subject to a creditworthiness, sustainability, and affordability assessment.


  1. Can I make an early repayment?

Answer: You have the option to repay your loan anytime you want or close your loan early. If you pay early, you may pay less interest since you may be entitled to a rebate under the Consumer Credit Act of 1974. All the rebates distributed by Anico are calculated in accordance with this Act and the Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations of 2004.


  1. What happens if I am unable to make my payments on time?

Answer: If you are having difficulties making payments on time, Anico will not charge you late payment fees or default interest. However, the missing payments can have serious consequences such as making it harder for you to obtain credit in the future for items such as cable tv packages, mobile phones, etc.

It is very important that you get in touch with the lender as soon as possible whenever you have difficulties. You can contact the Anico Customer Services team on 020 7099 5882.


  1. I have not been in the UK for long and have no credit history. Will I still be able to get a loan?

Answer: Yes, you still can. However, your application will still be subject to your financial status and affordability, sustainability, and creditworthiness assessment.


  1. What is Creditworthiness and how is it determined?

Answer: Anico uses various sources of information for making their lending decision. Depending on the circumstances, this will include but not be limited to some or all the following data – the information obtained from you, records of their previous dealings with you, and data from Credit Reference Agencies.

They will not provide you with a loan if your creditworthiness, sustainability and affordability assessment indicates that you may not be able to repay the loan in a sustainable manner.


  1. Can I apply for a loan over the telephone?

Yes. You can call the Anico Customer Services hotline on 020 7099 5882 if you would like to talk about making an application. Anico accepts applications over the phone or in person. All clients will have a phone interview or meeting with one of the Customer Services Representatives of Anico.


  1. Does Anico conduct a credit search?

Answer: Yes. However, they do not base their decision solely on your credit history. Your credit history and Anico’s own affordability, sustainability, and creditworthiness assessment help them understand your situation in order to reach the most responsible solution for you.

You can check the section on Data Protection that is found on their website for additional details on how they access Credit Reference Agencies and how they use these data.

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Company Details
  • Registration Number: 07372140
  • Incorporation Date: 2010-09-10
  • Status: Active
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