CambridgeFX is a Foreign Exchange expert rendering Payment Technologies, Hedging Strategies and Industry Solutions. The company is based and regulated in Canada but has services across the US, Europe and Australia as well.

This review of CambridgeFX money transfers will confer you the background and the level of service they provide. 

About Cambridge Global Payments

Cambridge Global Payments also called CambridgeFX is a big company, yet surprisingly lack any online presence. The company hasn’t been making noise and much innovation in their online platform. Having 25 years in existence, and serving more than 14,000 businesses for international payment, they have absolutely manifested as a huge competitor in this industry. 

Moreover, the CambridgeFX is supported by FLEETCOR Technologies, which is its parent company, that is a Fortune 1000 company and an S& P 500 member with more than $22 billion business capitalisation.

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

With offices in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US, CambridgeFX has enhanced licensing and regulation that it abides. Here are some of Cambridge’s licensing information.

  • England & Wales company: 05271222
  • Financial Conduct Authority: FRN 900702 – for the provision of electronic money and
  • payment services
  • Information Commissioner’s Office Registration Number: ZA031019
  • Ontario corporation: 1980873
  • FINTRAC Money Services Business license: M17163510
  • Quebec Money Services Business license: 900009
  • Global Markets Entity Identifier (GMEI): 5493007HHN4G8PA5MS11
  • Delaware corporation: 3359789
  • FinCEN Money Services Business registration: 3100013907918
  • Global Markets Entity Identifier (GMEI): 549300E6BD9BP1l0G794
  • Licensed Money Transmitter
  • Australian business number: 85 126 642 448;
  • Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) 
  • AFSL: 351278

Awards and Recognition

  • Global Payroll Association Award: International Payroll Payments Provider of the Year (2019)
  • ITIJ Award: Specialist Provider of the Year (2018)
  • Canada’s Best Managed Companies Award (2017; two-time winner); 
  • Global Finance Magazine FX Product Innovation Award: Cambridge Link Mobile Application (2017)

Exchange Rate & Fees


Fees are not revealed by CambridgeFX, but if you will utilise and sign up for the service, you’ll surely be informed on the fees that you can possibly incur.

Exchange Rates

CambridgeFX describes their exchange rates as competing. They have this conveyed by openly saying the exchange range that’s offered. Similar to XE, CambridgeFX conduces to concentrate on producing excellent service by their devoted account manager. This is possibly the reason why they do not divulge fees. However, providing no implication of fees or exchange rate is disquieting for a potential customer who wishes to know more before signing up. 

Global Reach & Service – CambridgeFX

The global reach of CambridgeFX is vital. With offices in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada, there is an infinite opportunity for assistance and serving international clients. Also, Cambridge seems to have concentrated on providing an excellent service, which is why they have a dedicated account dealer. They accept clients globally and handles 140 currencies with translations in English and French.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of CambridgeFX


  • Global proximity with various services in 3 different continents 
  • A wide array of services and innovations (API, hedging, automation)
  • Has been serving and have been in business for a long time
  • Available French translations


  • Lacking in transparency as there not much information announced regarding their exchange rate and fees
  • Lacking an online presence as well as reviews or testimonials from clients 

Other Money Transfer Providers

You can check more of the money transfer companies HERE.


TorFX allows you to register as in individual or business. It offers no fees for personal transfers and can provide scheduled transfers. It also allows stop-loss orders, 

forward contracts and limits orders. They are great to travel money solutions offered in the UK. They do not have cash pickups and multilingual website.

  • Individuals and Businesses can register
  • No fees for personal transfers
  • Offers forward contracts
  • Offers limit orders
  • Allows stop and loss orders
  • Lets you schedule your transfers
  • Physical presence is only to Australia and inside the UK
  • Cash pickup is not available


They serve individuals, businesses and online sellers. You can take advantage of their Borderless Account to hold funds in up to 27 currencies. The cost of a transfer depends on the currencies concerned, the transfer amount, and the payment mode.

  •  Open to serve individuas, businesses, and online sellers
  •  Simple and easy sign up through your Facebook or Google account
  •  Based in the UK
  • Offices available in the U.S., Estonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore
  •  Contains dedicated multilingual websites
  •  Allows local phone support in some locations
  •  Takes credit card payments from citizens of some countries
  •  Hold funds in up to 27 currencies utilising the Borderless Account
  • Does not offer forward contracts, market orders, or scheduled transfers
  • Its a peer to peer networks it does not support other countries
  • Transfer fee depends on the currencies concerned
  • The sum is transferred, and the method of payment
  • No cash pickup centres


You can register as an individual or a business. They allow scheduled transfers and offers a low transfer amount of €8. The transfer fee includes €3 plus 0.35% of the transfer amount.

  • Allows you to register as an individual or a business
  •  The main office is in Ireland
  • Offices in the UK and Australia
  • You can access the website in several languages
  • Allows you to transfer as little as €8
  • Allows you to set a date for your transfers
  •  No service available in all American states
  •  Do not offer forward contracts or market orders
  •  0.35% of the transferred amount has to be paid plus €3 as fees
  •  No cash pickup centres


WorldRemit allows you to transfer money to the cash pickup location or bank accounts. Their website is available in several languages. They have low minimum transfer amounting to £1.

  • Offers local phone support in some countries they cater to
  • Transfer as little as £1
  • Allows you to pay through your credit card
  • You can access websites in different languages
  • Transfer funds to bank accounts or cash pickup centres
  • Top off mobile wallets and airtime
  • Company headquarters is in the UK
  • Available offices in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Accepts only individuals and not businesses
  • Desired transfer method may affect sending limits
  • Your country of residence might affect the amount that you can send
  • The currencies concerned affect the costs
  • , Mode of payment and the transfer method affect your transfer costs


The company provides scheduled transfers, market orders, and forward contracts. Their personal transfers are free of charge. The minimum amount you can transfer is at 


  • Individuals and businesses can sign-up
  • Allows customers access to personal dealers
  • No fees for personal transfers
  • Provides forward contracts, market orders, and scheduled transfers
  • You can start your transfer online or over the phone
  • Only international office in Singapore
  • No translations on their website (language in English)
  • Minimum transfer is £500
  • No cash pickup centres


XE is one of the big brands in terms of money transfers. They do not impose charges on personal transfers and hedge funds using limit orders.

  • Individuals and businesses can sign-up
  • Websites available in different languages for the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Company is based in Canada
  • Offices in the U.S. and the UK
  • No fees for personal transfers
  • Allows you to choose from spot transfers and limit orders
  • No cash pickup centres
  • Cannot set the desired date or schedule for your transfers

CambridgeFX’s Client Feedback

Client feedback is nearly non-existent. You can’t find any reviews in TrustPilot or other extensive review sites. Yet, we manage to scrutinize the 5 reviews on Google Play and 2 reviews on Apple App Store which implies the following:


  • Strong service
  • Functional app


  • Poor customer service 
  • Allegations of lying
Currencies Supported: 120Currencies Supported: 121Currencies Supported: 59
Accessibility: Online, via Telephone, or In App.Accessibility: Via Telephone, Online or In PersonAccessibility: Online, via Telephone, or In Person.
Offices: UK, USA, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, HK, UAE, Brazil, Gibraltar and RomaniaOffices: All 5 Continents, but not catering to businesses based in the USOffices: United Kingdom, Australia
4.6 /5 on Feefo
93.4% o Editorial
9.8 /10 on Feefo
95.4% on Editorial
9.4 / 10 on TrustPilot
93.2% on Editorial

Frequently Asked Questions About Money Transfers

How does International Money Transfer work

If you wish to transfer money straight from your UK bank account, you can do so through your bank’s online banking platform. You will need to provide additional information, including the following:

  • The name and address and the destination country of the recipient of the money
  • The bank account number of the sender and the international bank account number
  • You will need to state the amount you wish to transfer, currency to which the money is to be converted.
  • Specify the party to settle the fees. Is it to be paid fully by the recipient or you or by both of you?

With this guide, you can now easily, cheaply and conveniently send money overseas stress-free. If you do not know yet how to go about it, you can contact an experienced Moneycorp expert on TorFX Currency Transfer or online money transfer service to help you.

Are All Money Transfer Providers Regulated by the FCA?

While all UK-based firms providing overseas money transfers are authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, it is important to check with their official website to know whether or not the provider you are about to enlist is an authorized member.

Can I Negotiate an Exchange Rate Now and Transfer Money Later?

Yes, you can lock in today’s exchange rate to be sued later to transfer money abroad. This can be done through a forward contract in which you agree on a given exchange rate to be used at a future date usually up to 12 months from the date of the agreement. This arrangement is usually good since currency movements are volatile and you stand a risk of losing your money when the wave tilts against you.

By doing so, you cushion yourself against the risk of paying higher costs by agreeing with your currency broker to fix a rate to be used when making a payment in the future. Be sure to ask your providers or online places such as TransferWise, Azimo or OFX Overseas if they have a rate-alert service to help you make quick decisions in advance.

How long does it take for Money to Hit a Foreign Account?

Foreign exchange brokers are known to offer the fastest ways of transferring money overseas. They can help you send money so that your recipient gets it the same day or the following day. As for street banks, this could take a few days (between 4-6 days) for the recipient to receive. However, banks also offer expedited services at an extra cost.

Which is the cheapest Option, a business money transfers or a bank?

Typically, business money transfers are less costly compared to banks. Banks tend to offer lower exchange rates besides the additional charges such as commissions, administration. Therefore, it is good to always check and compare banks as well as currency brokers to see which ones offer favourable exchange rates and lower fees.

How Do I check the best Deals for International Money Transfers?

Everybody is interested in ways to cut on cost and increase the overall benefits, so you can compare money transfer services using some of the online platforms and tools such as FXcompared,, Currencies Direct and where you can see and choose the most competitive quotes. By providing the details about the currency and the destination, you can find a custom-made quote that suits your specific needs.

Company Details
  • Registration Number: 09503550
  • Incorporation Date: 2015-03-23
  • Status: Active
Contact CambridgeFX Review
  • via Phone: (800) 374-8077 Call
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  • via Post: Stron Legal, The Clubhouse St James, 8 St James's Square, St James's, London, United Kingdom, SW1Y 4JU