CLS Finance Limited is a car finance company that offers car finances within the U.K to thousands of people each year. They understand the need of the people and know that each though every person has transportation needs, they cannot afford to get a loan from anywhere they please. CLS asks to help that by offering loans to even those that don’t have good credit.

They do not give you the loan directly, they have partnered up with some car sales dealerships over the UK, CLS pays these companies, and you get to take home your brand new car and then make weekly payments for that car as per the loan agreement.

It is an easier and cheaper method of getting a car. This is also a great option if you are known not to be wise with your money and tend to spend it all before you get to buy the car.

In this way, you never see the actual money however you do get what you would have to spend your money on without having to spend it recklessly.

CLS is a private company and lender who does have some common shareholders with the car sales company they are in business with. They also share a bit of the commission with the car sales company. The company is regulated and authorised by the financial conduct authority (FCA) so they completely safely get you your dream car easily.

How To Apply

You will have to submit an application through their car dealership. You can find the one nearest to you online on their website. You then go to the dealership telling them that you want to apply and they will give you the application where depending on the car you choose your representative APR, interest rate and thus your weekly payments will be decided.

All the cars available with the sales partners are selling ready which means they are ready to be delivered. So you can potentially go home with the car you like on the same day you apply.

What Are The Interest Rates Offered?

They have a fixed interest rate of 40.7%, and the maximum APR they have is 49.9% however that could change depending on your personal condition and finances.

You can submit most of the applications online on the websites of these sales partners where you would have to give your personal data such as your phone number, address and postal code and they will pass that along to CLS.

If you are approved for the loan this information will be given to the sales partner who will then call you to inform you that you have been approved, and you can then go physically to the dealership to pick out your car.

Each car sales partner you choose has their own website with where they give a great amount of detail about how they deal with clients and how they arrange the loan for you before applying. You should read your car sales partner’s website carefully to understand the process completely.

Are The Brokers Licensed?

All the sales partners are licensed brokers, and they aim to make the entire process of buying a car easier and more convenient for you.

CLS is responsible for approving or rejecting your application. On average they have a decision within the hour, it may sometimes take longer if you are self-employed or an agency worker because then they would have to call you for your bank statements to verify your income and that it is steady enough to make repayments.

Your approved salesman will let you know of the decision of your application. After that, you can take delivery of the car. You can only take the car once you sign the loan agreement before that you are under no obligation. This means that when you go down to the car dealership and don’t see anything you like or change your mind whether you want to buy the car, you are free to do so. They will just cancel the loan application, so you don’t have to pay for anything.

When you first arrive at the approved salesmen, the depot manager will be present there to greet you. He will check the documentation for your loan to see if everything is correct this includes your id, your employment record etc.

Once all of this is confirmed and made sure that you will be able to take car home that same day, he will then begin to ask your preference for the car that you want.

The question they might include the type of car you want, how much you want to pay for it and if you want to put any cash deposit on the vehicle. The approved sales partner will show you cars that you can afford, so it’s a good idea to keep a budget in mind when going to buy a car.

It is also a good idea to keep a certain amount that you will be able to afford each week without a problem or inconvenience as if you like a car at that price then that should be the car you first investigate.

Privacy And Security

They act as your personal data controller and use the data you provide them under the general data protection regulations. They can acquire the data from any credit broker that you may have applied to that are their approved salesmen.

They can get this data through the website, phone, and email or in person. When applying for a loan from them, they also check for your data from credit reference agencies and fraud agencies.

The data they may have to include your name, address, date of birth, Email, telephone, gender and marital status. Employment details, occupation, salary, length of service and employer. The amount of any state benefits, private pensions or any other source of income you might have.

When proving the information they agree that they are using this information in providing credit for you they may only use the data for any other legitimate interests of the company. Special category data such as gender, sexuality, race etc. can only be used for substantial public interest with your consent.


  • They have a quick decision process typically within an hour if there are no hitches. For Self-employed people, it might take longer, but it’s still faster than its competitors.
  • When you go to choose the car the cars available are sold ready so you can potentially take home the car you want the same day and don’t have to wait for days to receive your car.
  • They help finance people even with bad credit who may have gotten rejected from other places. They get a chance to get a car loan from them.
  • You get an annual statement of your account each year for the term of your loan. You can also ask for a statement of your account anytime you want during the year and they will send you one free of any extra cost.
  • The approved sales partner will only show you the cars that you can afford the weekly/ monthly payments of so they won’t try to upsell you a car that is way out of your budget.


  • There is a broker involved so the interest rates and APR might be a little higher to compensate for the money given to the brokers.
  • They don’t actually give you the money to buy a car so you don’t have a lot of options, you can only buy the car from one of their partner salesmen.



How to file a complaint?

They are committed to agreeing site all data protection laws including the general data protection law as well as the privacy and electronic communications regulation.

However, if you still wish to make a complaint to can do so by emailing them, or you can write to them at Unit 2 Alexandra Street, Hyde SK14 1DX if you do not wish to do that you can write a complaint via the contact page on their website itself. The number you can call is 0161 379 0300. Any complaint you write should be addressed to the managing director of the company.

Will I be able to buy a car from them in the future?

Essentially yes. They do wish that they can help you again for your car needs. The only condition is that you pay the repayments of the current loan you have taken on time and make sure not to miss any payments.

This way it would be much easier for them to approve your loan again the next time for another car. If you have already repaid the loan, all you have to do is submit the application again at the nearest sales partner, and they will get your application approved.

If you are already paying a loan, it is best to wait until you have paid about three quarters of that loan to apply for another one.

How to file a claim under the mechanical breakdown warranty?

If you find a fault in your car, you will inform the partner car salesman by calling them. They will tell you where the nearest authorised auto repair shop is. You will then take your car to that authorised repair garage where they will run a diagnostic test to find out the problem with the car.

If the repair can be done immediately if not they will give you an appointment date when you can come and pick up the car. The repair would be done at the expense of the car sales partner; if they do not do so, then the CLS finance will provide for you under the new agreement.

The consequence of missed payments

Missing payments can have serious consequences, and that could result in them repossessing your car if you miss too many payments. They can also take legal action against you for the balance left. This will greatly hurt your ability to get any credit in the future for any purpose.

They can also apply to county court for the recovery of the money that you owe them and can even apply to get that money directly from your salary by getting the county court to award your employer to pay them directly through your wages. If you are having trouble paying them it is better to talk to them to gut a deal.

Overall Review

CLS is an option for those who have bad credit and are unable to get car finances. It is a direct lender but does not give the money directly to you in your account instead it allows to buy the car you want from their approved partner salesmen, and they will pay them the money directly, and you will get to take your car home and then make the payments.

The payments will be dependent on your financial status, so if you have good credit, you will be able to get a higher amount if car finance. Their rates are a bit higher than other banks, but their credit score requirement isn’t as much.

They recommend on their website as well to explore other options if you do have better credit. They do approve applications easily without much hassle. They tend to make the entire process easier for the customers instead of making it more difficult.

You get to decide the type of car you want if you want a cash deposit and the amount of money you want to give. Your loam starts when you first sign the agreement loan agreement is signed on trade premises, they cannot be cancelled so once you have signed you cannot get out of the agreement.





Company Details
  • Registration Number: 05032892
  • Incorporation Date: 2004-02-03
  • Status: Administration
Contact CLS Finance
  • via Phone: N/A Call
  • via Post: C/O Resolve Advisory Limited, 22 York Buildings, London, WC2N 6JU