About Dial-a-TV

Dial-a-TV has been offering quality household equipment for rent since 1991. Founded by David Lloyd and Gary Nichols, it has become a well-known rental company with more than 24 years of experience in the industry. Dial-a-TV belongs to the prominent Hughes Electrical Group, a large family business in the United Kingdom and respected as an independent electrical retailer.

Dial-a-TV prides itself in giving customers options for great quality products and affordable monthly payments. Through this, customers have access to an affordable and excellent option for purchasing electrical equipment.

With Dial-a-TV you have access to a variety of budget rental household products. The affordable monthly payments include service repair fees so you no longer need to worry about expensive repairs. This keeps you from worrying about potentially high repair costs.

Free Delivery – All rental products are delivered to you free of charge. You will arrange for and agree to a specific date for your order to be delivered. On that day, Dial-a-TV will contact you to plan an opportune time for delivery according to your schedule. If you will only be available after 4:00pm, you need not worry. You just need to inform the company right away so they can work within your schedule.

Free Installation – Dial-a-TV has its own well-trained installation experts who are happy to assist you. They can also give you advice on how to use the equipment you have ordered. Cookers and white goods will also be installed for you as long as the process does not involve electrical or plumbing work.

Free Repairs – You will not be charged for the cost of repair. If the service engineers are not able to repair the equipment on site, you will be left with a loan product that has equivalent specification.

How to Order Online

Dial-a-TV boasts a 4-step application process:

  1. Place an order through adding items into your trolley, then submitting the order form.
  2. Confirm the order by phone when the Dial-a-TV representative gives you a call to proceed with the completion of the application process.
  3. Pay the rental for the first month through using your debit/credit card.
  4. Wait for your order to be delivered and installed on the date you have arranged with the Dial-a-TV representative.

How to Order through Text

Dial-a-TV allows you to place an order through text. Thus, you no longer need to deal with application forms that need to be filled out at length. You just need to check if your area is covered through their Postcode Checker. If you are in a covered area, you just need to follow the instructions specified to place an order through text.

How to Check If Your Location Is Covered

Dial-a-TV is available in most areas of the United Kingdom. However, there are some areas where it does not presently install its products. You can use the Dial-a-TV Postcode Checker to see if their rental products are available in your area.

Their website also features an alphabetical roll of the cities and towns where their rental products are available. If you do not find an area that is near your address, it is recommended that you use their Postcode Checker to find out if your address is covered.

How to Use the Contact Us Form

You can use the Dial-a-TV Contact Us Form to send the company an email. You will be required to provide your first name, last name, postcode, and email address. You will also be required to specify the subject of your message and the details of your message.

You can choose from one of the following subjects:

  • Product Enquiry (About our Products and Services)
  • My Account (Payments, Add-ons and Upgrades)
  • Service Call (Request a Repair)
  • Commercial Rental
  • Marketing (Advertise on Dial-a-TV)
  • Affiliate Scheme (Promote Dial-a-TV)
  • Complaint (Help us to improve)
  • Cancellation (Return your Equipment)

How to Check Your Messages

You can view messages you have previously sent or received through the Dial-a-TV website. To do so, you need to type in your email address in the appropriate box on their “My Messages” page. You will then need to hit the “SEND ACCESS CODE” button. You will receive the access code via email. You can use this access code to view your messages. Simply type in the access code in the appropriate box and click on the “View My Messages” button.

How to Pay

Dial-a-TV only accepts payment through Direct Debit. All prices that are quoted on their website are charged monthly through Direct Debit. You can get more details on this through calling Dial-a-TV or sending them an email or through downloading the Direct Debit Mandate.

How to Request a Service Call

To request a service call, you can visit the Dial-a-TV website and proceed to the Contact Us page. You need to provide the required information on the contact form and make sure that you select “Service Call (Request a Repair)” as the subject of your message.

You can also request a service call through reaching Dial-a-TV via telephone or post.

How to Cancel Your Rental Agreement

You can request the cancellation of your rental and arrange for the equipment to be returned through getting in touch with the Dial-a-TV customer service team. To do so, you can either reach them through telephone or post. A more convenient option is to request the cancellation through their website. You will need to use their Contact Form and make sure you specify “Cancellation” as the subject of your message. A customer service representative will be in touch to guide you through the process of cancelling your rental agreement and how to return the equipment to them.

Delivery and Installation

Generally, it takes 7 days before an order is delivered. However, it is possible for a delivery to be expedited. You can always ask for your order to be delivered faster. There is a good chance that your request will be accommodated.

Dial-a-TV schedules deliveries from Mondays to Fridays. They are not able to do deliveries on weekends. Nonetheless, you can request a morning or evening delivery on weekdays.

Please note that delivery and installation will not involve any third-party carriers. However, in the case of computer equipment and game consoles, the manufacture will provide installation service and support.

Service Calls

When your rental household equipment breaks down, make sure you report it right away. It can take up to 4 working days before Dial-a-TV gives you a service call.

You need not worry if the service people are not able to repair the equipment. They will always leave you an equivalent product so there is no need for you to wait for the faulty equipment to be repaired and given back to you.

Dial-a-TV service people will be the ones to repair the equipment. No third-party engineers will be involved in the repair, unless you have Hotpoint/Indesit equipment which is still covered in the first-year manufacturer’s warranty.  In this case, you can expect an engineer from the manufacturer to do the service call.

Moreover, if you have a new Dyson vacuum cleaner or computer equipment or game consoles for repair, the manufacturer will cover the repair.

Damage on Rental Products

In the event that you have damaged a rented product, you will need to check your home insurance if you have it covered. If you do not have home insurance, your contract will be subjected to a binding Accidental Damage Waiver. This will cost you extra but it will definitely provide you with coverage from any accidental damage that can be caused to the rented product.

You can ask the Dial-a-TV sales team for more details on this policy when you place an order.

Complaint Procedure

If you have any complaints against Dial-a-TV, you can always reach them through calling their customer service team. You can also reach their customer service team via email. Another method of lodging your complaint against Dial-a-TV is through their website. You can do this through completing the Contact Us form and selecting “Complaint (Help us to improve)” for the subject of your message. You will be required to include details of your complaint.

In the event that you remain unhappy with the manner in which Dial-a-TV has addressed your complaint, you can refer your dissatisfaction to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Payment Difficulties

If for any reason you are not able to make a payment, make sure you contact the Dial-a-TV payments team right away. Through this, you will be able to discuss your account so you can be offered a solution. The solution often involves substituting the item so there can be a reduction on your monthly payment. It is also possible to make changes on the date and frequency of your payment. Or you can always ask to return the item.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy ordering
  • No delivery charge
  • Free installation
  • No repair fees


  • Not available in some areas of the United Kingdom
  • No weekend deliveries
  • Administration fee of £12 to cover credit check costs

Dial-a-TV Reviews


Reviews  180

Excellent              74%

Great                    12%

Average               1%

Poor                      2%

Bad                        11%

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Company Details
  • Registration Number: 07104275
  • Incorporation Date: 2009-12-15
  • Status: Active
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