La Redoute is a new addition to the greatest and most eye-catching website to online shop. The most exciting part is that they even have their own application for iOS and Android completely free.

Its’ huge collection of products means there is always something in the bag for all your family and friends, no matter their preferences or sizes or choices there’s plenty to select from.

They have separate ranges for women, men children and home. Another great thing that La Redoute facilitates you is with is your budget! With its promotional codes on opening credit accounts, discount vouchers, seasonal offers, and introduction to free click and collect for orders above £50 and sales!

Never forget their sales! There’s always so much to shop for without spending too much.

La Redoute incredibly bright and uplifting website inspires people on how to dress and what they want to achieve with their look. No one deserves to have the same boring outfits to wear, and La Redoute’s choices are a way of treating yourself and your family with some change which encourages them to try new things.

If you don’t specifically like what you bought they have a convenient 21-day return policy that never disappoints, it even offers home delivery, so there is pretty much an exceptional service that they provide to make you comfortable and make the shopping experience easy and quick just for its customers.

Nobody wants to spend hours in a mall looking for an outfit they like only to find out it’s out of stock in their size or not in available in a colour they like it’s just a hassle which is so unnecessary when you have the technology of today’s day in age with applications, websites, and online purchasing makes it possible for you to shop a click away.

How To Shop At La Redoute

Now there are two methods of shopping at La Redoute according to the preferences you can shop through their website which many do who access their laptops and computers more than their phones however, for all those teenagers with the tech-savvy lives can shop through their App.

Shopping through their website is pretty straightforward, to begin with. It’s beneficial to make an account for whichever case your shop; however, it is not mandatory. It can help you get exclusive discounts, send you a notification on when a item from your wish list is on sale and would help you in not adding your personal information each time you shop.

Their shopping website has a search bar in the top centre of their page; this can be used for any particular item that you are searching for in specific. You can write, and it will direct you to what you wish to see.

There is a Filter option each time your search results come up to help you only view the things that you are looking for and make your search results more accurate. You can click on the item you like and scroll down to select the size, colour and quantity and proceed to click the ‘Add to basket‘ option. It will then show you a pop up displaying two choices to continue shopping or go to your basket to checkout.

If you proceed to shop, you can always go back to view your basket and checkout using the top right corner of your page. You can click the “Heart” option on items you would like to buy but don’t currently want to purchase to add them to your wishlist this does not take any amount of money or requirements.

It’s just some of your choices picked out in case you want to shop for them without searching through them this can also be accessed through the top right side of your screen next to the bag option.

The next option is the Account option along with your bag and wish list; this is to log you in and change any information on your personal account. Shopping through App: the mobile app is much like their website except the Toolbar is in the bottom of the screen similarly from left to right you have the Home of their clothing line which shows the latest trends, the new items they have in stock, sales, promo codes and much like the home of your original website.

There is a “Shop Icon” where you can search for whatever you are looking for in the categorised selection.

In the middle you have the Basket for easy access, then the wish list and at the bottom right you have the account option to manage your personal account preferences.


  • Huge collection of items available that lets its customers shop for themselves and for anyone they want including family.
  • It offers free worldwide delivery and shipping over $119, which means that no matter where you are located in the world you can get free delivery.
  • Great range of discount available making your shopping spree much more cheaper and budget friendly.
  • Home delivery also available for the cheapest rates available as compared to other online shopping sites.
  • Easy and accessible website and application to use at your own convenience.
  • Good refund and return policy including their 21 day home approval policy make it easier for customers to return anything that they are not satisfied with.


  • Late payment charge of £12 each time you miss a credit account repayment.
  • Do not offer cash on delivery services.


Additional Information

In the event that previously already have made a La Redoute Credit Account, you can upgrade your record to include the Easy 3 instalment choice (through your ‘My Account’). You will just need to do this once, after that simply add any item that you would like to purchase to your Credit Account like you normally would.

Just the purchases made after you have upgraded to EASY 3 will be qualified. In the event that you have any repayments at the point you switch, instalments and interest on those particular items will remain in a typical way. The minimum payment on this part of your balance will be included in the EASY 3 payment on your statement.

Can I Get A Credit Account For Shopping?

When you open a Credit Account with them, they will address a credit limit to your account. You can order up to this value being your credit by selecting ‘Pay later with your La Redoute Credit Account’ at the checkout or by asking them when you order by phone or post.

They will furthermore tell you what your credit limit and the available credit left in your account is in the monthly statement that they send to you. You can also view this information in the account summary page in ‘My Account’ If you would like them to consider increasing your amount of credit on your credit account then you can call them on 033 0303 0199 or email them at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can simply place an order that would mean your balance exceeds your current credit limit and they will assess your request for an increase as part of processing your order. They do not charge for exceeding or increasing the credit limit.

Amazing Offers And Discounts

It couldn’t be any simpler to find out about the most exclusive offers from their brand, just subscribe to get their bulletins (newsletter) by making use of their services at the most of their potential on their website.

They will enable you to find the most fantastic insights of French style and casual dressing also sharing extraordinary technique and tips on design patterns and excellence on how to style your look. And as a newsletter subscriber, you will get exclusive offers, previews and discounts not accessible to other clients.

If you are new to the era of online shopping and are unfamiliar with what size of clothing you should get, they even have a place on their website which will help you figure it out. Simply scroll down to the end of their website and click the services option, then click the ‘Size Guides’ option and either measure yourself and coincide it with the charts or you can even use some other clothing item that you may have.

They even offer a 24 hour automated telephone service for helping you manage your account. To order, you can call them on 0844 842 2222. Their call lines are open from 8am-11pm, all week. Please take note that calls cost 7p per minute with the additional charge your phone company may imply.

For any further queries in relation to an order that you have already placed, you can call 033 0303 0199. Their phone lines for this are open 7am-10pm, 7 days a week for orders, or 8 am-9 pm, Monday to Friday, 8 am – 4.30 pm on Saturday.

Payment Options

They offer multiple methods to pay for your purchase these include online through any Debit cards, Master cards, Credit cards or Maestro.  They also offer to pay over the phone through their automated telephone service with access to your account reference number via your credit or debit card details.

You can pay by cheque, just make it out to La Redoute and write your account reference number on the backside and you will be returned your statement Payslip.


What is EASY3?

EASY3 is an additional means to split the price of a specific item that you want to purchase into instalments much like the credit account service, however as a credit account splits the cost into multiple months or weeks depending on what is convenient for you with EASY 3 it spreads them into 3 monthly repayments this will be little more than if you go for the credit account option as that is for your required amount of time but the EASY 3 repayment as long as paid on time would give you a huge benefit of no additional interest.

They will send you your statement on a monthly basis which will include your EASY 3 repayment as well, all you have to do is pay the amount till the due date, and you will not have to pay any interest charges.

What is my credit/debit security card number?

Your security number is written on the back of your credit or debit card. It is a three digit code; they are the last three digits of the series of numbers printed on the top of the signature strip.

This security code gives extra help securing your payment while you are purchasing anything as the code only belongs to the one individual who has the card. This code is not reprinted on any paperwork, receipts or statements that may be involved.

How do I cancel an order?

If you want to cancel an order that you have placed, you can call them on their number 033 0303 0199 including your customer number and order details. Their excellent and helpful customer care service will help you cancel and direct you with any concerns or difficulties that you may face.

The timings for their customer service providers, from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 9 am to 4:30 pm. They will try to make sure they can cancel the order but in case of your parcel being already sent out or the parcel already have been made they will not be able to cancel it however they will give you information on what else you could do thus providing an alternative to your problem.

How long does delivery take?

Your order will normally be delivered within 5-7 days at best. If by chance there are some minor delays due to certain circumstances. As all their orders are dispatched from France, if you have registered with them through your email you will receive a confirmation email when your delivery is sent out. You can track your order through your account by visiting ‘My orders’.

In the event that you have not received your parcel within two weeks or more and you have checked your account for updates you can contact their customer care service to direct you to a solution and an update.










Company Details
  • Company Name: LRUK (RETAIL) LIMITED
  • Registration Number: 00110433
  • Incorporation Date: 1910-06-28
  • Status: Active
Loan Details
  • APR 39.9%
  • Loan Amount £500
  • Repayment Duration See Website
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