Morses Club began about 130 years ago, by Mr. Levi Morse as a general drapery store. Morses Club in today’s day in age provides you with loans that open an era of tech-savvy innovative ideas for your convenience.

Initially, Morses Club does require an online service of the application, but it offers a variety of terms on how you want to receive the payment of your loan.

One of their most famous and well-renowned idea of ‘doorstep loans’ indicate the easy access for you to have a faculty and client interface. Their loans are put forth in a way that makes them moderate in terms of their clients’ pockets with much lower rates of interest and APR.

The loan for a new client begins at a maximum of £400 and a minimum of £100 but with more frequent terms with the site may make you eligible for a maximum of £1500. Its purpose is to make easy return policies that may be weekly and collected from your ease by the investors directly.

It is also a renowned name for one of the first to contribute to this service of ‘home credit providers’ which is an extremely user-friendly and accessible invention. Each client’s loan contract is specific with their own unique loan details.

Furthermore, Morses Club has merged with a previously known company known as Shopacheck on the 1st of March and now have the same clients under the name of Morses Club which is forming a community to provide its clients with services that fit their daily walks of life.

With the increasing inflation these loans provide people of diverse backgrounds and difficulties to improve their lifestyle with a little head start that they could use for various opportunities and betterment, their agents help you reduce the stress with projecting alternative methods to each concern you face during the entire process.

How To Apply For A Morses Club Loan?

The application process is much like their idea of cooperation with the user’s needs. It is simple, and to the point, you may go to their website and log in. The application form is particularly time-saving as it only takes about minutes to fill and your approval will also be mentioned in a matter of minutes after your submission.

However, even if you have any difficulty filling out their form, it has a brilliant customer care service that covers exactly what you would need, and that too would process your application to give you an initial response for your application.

Make sure you do fill out a page form they have while you sign up to make sure they have some of your personal details that they would require to forward the loan process.

In addition, they will have an agent available for you a phone call away to start the affordability check, and a few identification and earnings background check any company may do to fill out the paperwork.

The agent will help and assist you by whatever means necessary who you can share any concerns or problems regarding how to pay, interests, income any basic requirement. The agent will act as your personal consultant in this process of the loan.


  • Doorstep service, lets you be, at the comfort of your home and does not require several visits to a bank to assess your eligibility.
  • Comparatively much lower interest and APR rates.
  • The decision of approval takes minutes rather than days which makes it definitely handy is cases for people who in urgency for some cash.
  • Easy to use website, which covers all your personal queries and doesn’t require you to take out extra time from a busy schedule to make visits from a face to face interaction that often results poorly. Regardless it even facilitates you with an agent if need be to help you out.
  • Low eligibility criteria, means the opportunity to avail these loans are open to a much diverse range of people.
  • Eligible for anyone above 18 which makes teenagers who are interested in studies, work, business avail this as a startup.
  • No penalties on late or missed payments.


  • Requires you to be from the same area that Morses Club is located, for the companies doorstep services requires them to have access to your residence.
  • Morses Club cards can only be used in the UK
  • Repayments cannot be made using a credit card; however, most debit cards are approved excluding Electron and American Express.

Additional Information On The Morses Club Community

Morses Club steps up the traditional loan system by competing with some of the most innovative terms for its service, with low-cost loans it provides its customers with satisfaction and relief from their worries with a simple online form.

They have various branches throughout the UK, therefore, making it more supportive to locate in your area. They acknowledge the idea of each loan request, and they make sure to develop a system of a loan agreement that fits your needs perfectly.

Each application is handled with utmost recognition and understanding, therefore, submerging your situation to theirs. They even offer a ‘Morses Club card’ which enables its customers to receive their payment either in cash or through the card which will, in turn, provide users with numerous benefits and access to their money, offers and rewards that may be included.

This may help to keep a record of the amount of money you spend and is also much more safer in terms of security and PIN protection. It even limits you to not spend over the amount you have as t as a prepaid card and will hold you from overspending.

Moreover, they have no penalties or late fee charges which make them differ on their purpose, unlike other banks that would add to your total making you pay extra.

Morses sends an agent to your house to cover your loan which means that you practically must do nothing more than filling an online form does that not sound like the most helpful process you have ever come across?

They offer ‘affordability cheques’ to compensate as much as they can with your expense to help you within the range that you can. Even their repayments can be collected by their own agents whenever you feel like you have the money ready on your time at your comfort.

They also don’t require any paperwork in the initial process of your application, the paperwork that would be required will be taken forth by the agent that visits you and would include of some identification and personal details ensure you are fit to be provided with the loan.

Eligibility Criteria

Morses Club requires its lenders to be at least 18 years of age, which stands to prevent any sort of irresponsibility and of the legal age to have the consent to take up a loan.

Not have been labelled bankrupt, applied for Sequestration, had a Debt Relief Order or an Individual Voluntary Agreement in the last 6 years, this ensures that the client can afford and is trustable enough to repay the loan at their own responsibility and have previously not been a part of any defamation or fraud.

Be a UK resident, since this is a UK based company and to ensure that every customer is reliable and won’t cause any disruption or money fraud.   Live in the same business area as Morses branch in order to affiliate the residency of a particular customer and reduce the risk of any fraud.

The safety precaution also ensures that an agent can be easily sent to the customer when need be.  Have a source of income; to which is self-explanatory as they need a source to see where a customer may attain their required money, however, they don’t need any sum of money mandatory which is uncommon in traditional banks.

As you may be able to perceive on your own, at Morses Club their agents are held of extreme value and importance, they add to this by saying they have over 2000 agents across the UK many of which too were once their own customers, they choose these to have your agents from the same circumstances as a daily living person in the UK and would be able to accept more rationally and relate to situations and the clients themselves.

Even handing out an opportunity to fellow customers to apply for their agent’s jobs in case they feel they are up to the task and claim to be as responsible, friendly and want to work with Morses Club.

Doorstep loans are personal loans that can help many individuals in their daily walks of life, and its community tries to listen to your requirements and is always going through the extra mile to help.


When Can I Start Repaying My Loan?

Your first repayment will be default after a week exactly after your payment is made from where you will begin weekly payments. Any further queries and questions can be discussed with the Morses agent himself on your meeting.

You will also be provided with a payment book to check and list down your repayments and keep track along with them, so there is no misunderstanding. However, it is important to make your first payment on time; otherwise, you may be liable to pay arrears.

What If I Want To Repay Early?

The benefits or repaying early will firstly make you a client offered an early settlement rebate. The interest rate will automatically decrease. Regardless even if you don’t pay it all at once but make a larger repayment for a few weeks, you will be able to repay your loan of earlier.

These terms can be discussed with your personal agent for more details.

Do I Need A Credit Check For This Loan?

You will most certainly be eligible for a credit check after the application process has been cleared and within minutes been answered as to whether you are eligible or not.

It means necessary to do these but it’s nothing to be concerned about, they have a moderate set of clearance to help out in any means possible even if you do not have the best credit rating at the time they may still accept your application.

They just need you to be suitable enough to pay off the loan without additional stress to your situation.   Can I opt for a new loan if I already have one? As per eligibility, you may be able to take up more loans; however, everything requires you to consult your agent first as to how to intend to return the two loans.

The approval is merely an issue, but there lies no guarantee as long as you possess the funds as well as the criteria to do so. Your current loan or previously taken loans will also reflect on any further loans you may choose to take up with Morses Club in the future.

What Is An Affordability Assessment?

This consists of the agent referring to you for certain questions that he may ask when he visits. This is to have a better understanding of the customer and faculty to assess your source of income and pick the best possible loan plan that will work for you.

Every ounce of security and protection matters to Morses Club which is why all the terms are necessary.






Company Details
  • Company Name: MORSES CLUB PLC
  • Registration Number: 06793980
  • Incorporation Date: 2009-01-16
  • Status: Active
Loan Details
  • APR 756.5% Representative
  • Loan Amount £100 - £1,000
  • Repayment Duration 20 - 52 Weeks
Contact Morses Club
  • via Phone: 03300 450725 Call
  • via Email:[email protected] Email
  • via Post: Kingston House Centre 27 Business Park, Woodhead Road, Birstall, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 9TD