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A Guide To Next Catalogue

Next is a well-established and well-known clothing brand that has tastefully developed and grown into the lifestyle store that we all love and enjoy. They have been established and running the retail world since 1864.

The multinational company is one of the best retailers present with a good repute in high fashion clothes and accessories and to top it all off the affordable price paired with the high street brand quality makes it a top seller.

They are available all around the world with their classy and highly appreciated retail stores which carry everything from ladies clothing, undergarments for Men and women, children’s clothing to footwear accessories, home decor and so much more.

Next have over 600 store location till-date all around the world in every continent and major city of every country. With their business grew more and more they have also taken under their wing many runs of the mill brands, Marks and Spencer being one of them.

There headquarter is in Enderby Leicestershire in the UK, where distribution and manufacturing are based while having locations spread so densely across the entire world like all long-running brands they have had off years and dry spells.

Ups and downs in their stock shares and bad press from legal disobedience they have managed to bring about a truly iconic brand that is dear to most of the United Kingdom and to people all around the world.

Next Catalogue Products

  1. Women

They have a career of different products that keep on increasing day by day. The brand is known for its women’s clothing line that has everything from casual for teens to semi-formal for the working women and caters to the needs of every woman.

Next also offer high quality and durable lingerie which have received great feedback and are highly appreciated by many women. The accessories line they have for women consists of Bags watches jewellery and many other items that can be enjoyed by the average women of any age group.

Handbags are one of their most popular and highest selling items and have a variety of designs that are updated with respect to the fashion and trends of current society. The sports section will also provide for a woman who likes to stay fit and works out while maintaining her style.

They also have a range of footwear for women to enjoy which includes heels and other semi-formal shoes for the working women, they have casual shoes for day to day wear, and they also offer platform heels and open-toed wedges for a more formal and special occasion.

  1. Men

Next also has a massive selection of men’s clothing items that are ready to wear and chic at the same time. While off the rack clothes might not be a choice for some Next offers ready to wear, stylish, comfortable and affordable clothes for the average male.

They have a large variety that can cater to the needs of all male individuals of all age groups. The clothing line ranges from day to day casual wear such and T-shirts, Polo and Sweatshirts all the way up to high profile and luxurious suits tailored to perfection at affordable prices.

This means they have everything is available at Next from casual wear to very formal wear and everything in between. The sports section will also cater to those men who like to work out in style.

They have a large selection of sportswear for men which also include footwear which will let you feel comfortable in your own skin while showing off your fashion sense.

They also have many other accessories for men which include belts that are good quality and sturdy to wallets and cuff links. They carry the best items under one roof which are easily accessible to everyone.

They also provide high quality and durable undergarments for men that are nice basics to own and will help any guy who is looking for comfort and affordability.

  1. Children

Next also has a huge variety of children’s clothes for every age. They have chic and durable clothes for playful children and shorts and dresses for young girls and boys. The little clothes are incredibly cute and make you buy them even if you don’t have a baby at home.

They also have cute accessories such as headbands and bracelets and other jewellery items for girls and sunglasses and baseball hats for little boys. They also have a huge selection of toys which will involve even the most stubborn child around. Footwear is also a huge section of Next for children of all ages and sizes.

They have some very stylish selections that are also comfortable, so no child must suffer at the hands of fashion.

  1. Home

Next also carries a large selection of highly affordable decor items for your home and office that will spruce up the place and give it a new and fresh look. They have all sorts of knickknacks that can be placed or installed in your living space and make it look stylish and help you get tons of compliments.

Other than little knickknacks they have bedding and sheets of various styles and designs so you can personalise your house according to your taste. The major part of a house consists of furniture, and Next offers a range of high quality and sleek furniture that melts the heart of any homeowner.

From living room furniture to bedroom furniture and kitchenware the possibilities are endless. They also have electrical appliances for everyone to enjoy and buy whatever way they deem fit.

  1. Beauty

The beauty products that can be purchased there are high quality and classy and target many customers. The beautiful makeup for your lip’s, eyes and face and beauty tools at all price points are available for the customer to purchase and use.

They have many items that can be bought for gifting purposes and the fragrance options will wow anyone whether you are a man or a woman.

How to shop at Next

Shopping at Next is a quick and simple process that does not require you to be a computer genius. All you need to do is log on to their website or download the app which is available for both iOS and Android.

There you will find a tab that will have a list of all the products they have. Every section has an individual drop-down bar which will show the details of every product that they have.

The larger price point items also have a variety of options that make it easy for you to pay.

Next offers you with two hassle-free payment plans that let you spread out the cost of your purchase over a period and essentially let you stay within your budget.

  1. Next pay

Next pay is specifically designed for people who want to purchase the item of their choosing but may not be able to lay such a huge amount of money up front.

Next pay allows you to order whatever you want with nothing to pay upfront. It is a credit account which will track your purchases, and you will receive a monthly statement that will be due at a certain time, and you can pay your dues in monthly instalments.

This is a stress-free process that lets you buy whatever you want and need, and you can pay off the credit. It allows you to handle your finances better and be in control of your budget without going bankrupt.

  1. Next 3 step

Next 3 step is also a credit account that allows you to purchase from the store what you need and then spread out the cost over 3 months. This means that after you have made the purchase the cost of it will be divided into 3 instalments that you will need to pay over a period of 3 months.

The best part about this is it will not require any interest. Although, there is a representative of 29.9%

Applying to both is very simple all you need to do is log in to their website, and at the bottom, there will be a payment option with these plans clearly mentioned. Click on one of your choosing and apply. They will require personal detail and employment deals and your monthly income to ensure you can comfortably pay the loan.

Additional Information

Next also offers a variety of other offers as well for day to day individuals who would like to get the best deals. They have a delivery payment plan called Next Unlimited. This revolutionises the idea of online shopping and delivery.

Next unlimited is an annual delivery pass that allows you to get free delivery on any order you make. You just pay a small amount for the entire year and are stress-free about any additional delivery charges.

It is also advised that the money you do spend is on something you do need, and no careless shopping sprees are encouraged since paying off the loan in the future can be difficult and missing any payments may cause the interest on your outstanding amount might increase.


  • You can shop 24/7, 365 days a year the stores never close and you can get last minute outfits with same day delivery, so you won’t have to worry about getting outfits in a hurry.
  • You can shop from the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to stand in queues at the cash register or drive the store; you get all your shopping sitting in your pyjamas.
  • Shop my local store allows you to reserve your outfits online and you can pick them up at the store. So you won’t have to spend hours in a store picking your outfit and sizing won’t be an issue since you will be able to try the outfit in store.
  • They have “Next Unlimited”, which allows you to pay an annual fee of just £20 a year and avail free shipping throughout the UK. Not only that, but it comes with added benefits like free returns as well. The price is equal to just £1.66 a month. And you get no minimum, you whether the item cost £1 or £100 you can get it for free.
  • With Next pay you can get your delivery immediately without having to pay nothing upfront, you only pay the following month in instalments with APR as low as 23.9%. You also get £10 off your first credit and spending another £15 will get you another £10 credit.
  • Next3step is a great way to pay if you cannot afford to pay the entire amount in one go. Worth it! You can split the cost of your payments into 3 monthly payments making the entire shopping experience better.
  • The customer service is excellent where you can chat with an operator at any time with the chat option or call them with any queries you might have. You can even track your order the entire time from the time your order is placed till the package reaches your doorstep.


  • Although they provide the material of the item on the site, if you like to touch and feel your clothing, really get a feel for it before you get it, that might end up becoming a problem for you.
  • Some people tend to enjoy the experience of shopping going out getting ready going into a physical store and looking around searching for what they want, that experience is lost when shopping online, you can zoom into the picture as much as you want, but you won’t be able to hold it in your hands.


What is my maximum limit of spending?

The amount of spending you are limited to depends on your credit score and your agreement with Next. Everyone will have a different amount, but it is advised not to go overboard with the spending as this may cause you money problems.

How will I be approved to get Next pay?

Next pay is available to every UK resident who is over 18 and has a UK bank account. Other factors may also come into play when getting approved for next pay which includes your monthly income and your creditworthiness.

When will I have to pay for Next Unlimited?

Next Unlimited is an annual delivery pass, so you are eligible to apply for it and pay for it where you are in need and you will have to pay when you apply. Then you will have free delivery for the whole year until that day next year.







Company Details
  • Registration Number: 04521150
  • Incorporation Date: 2002-08-29
  • Status: Active
Loan Details
  • APR 22.9%
  • Loan Amount £500
  • Repayment Duration See Website
Contact Next Catalogue
  • via Phone: 0333 777 8247 Call
  • via Post: Desford Road, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 4AT