WestStein Ltd is a rapidly growing company that provides financial solutions to any individual in need of it and wants a hassle-free and paper-free process.

In today’s day and age, the financial market has grown so much that deciding about what type of account or what way of spending can be as complicated as rocket science — so many options all basically the same with a little variation here and there.

The market is full of lenders and finance companies providing you with all sorts of crisp and fresh out of the oven ideas to essentially do the same thing; Manage your money.

Handling your finances and using them in the right way should not only be for those who have a degree in finance and the average individual must pay and spend money on someone to tell them how to spend that money.

WestStein Ltd are growing and expanding their ideas to revolutionise the online accounts market.

They provide a contactless way to open an account, store your money and then give you a convenient way to withdraw and spend the money without having to fill hundreds of pages worth of forms.

They generate a simple and painless way through their advanced technology to fulfil all its customer’s needs. Their technology has no borders, and the user will have hassle-free transactions wherever and whenever they want because of the innovative ideas that WestStein has brought forward.

While other banking solution providers are going through all the different types and kinds of ways which confuse the user even more, WestStein gives a simple solution to everything. All in one solution to manage an online account.

Online Current Account

The online solutions provider for you an essentially contactless transaction and/or service which is also easy to understand and the term and condition are not set up against you.

Their online current account can be set up completely online by filling out the form. No need to go out and stand in queues for hours just to get an account to store money. WestStein helps you do all this sitting at home you don’t even have to get dressed.

This account will have an IBAN number to help you have the ease of receiving payments however you like. This all in one account will give you all the services that are provided with many different accounts with the same bank. It’s fast and easy to set it up and provide you with the ease of sending and receiving payments even on the go.

Additional Cards For Family

This account can have up to 3 secondary cards attached to the one main account so you and your family can have access to funds wherever you are. By using the WestStein MasterCard, you will be able to pay and receive money at any platform around the world.

So whether you are on vacation with your friends or family in a foreign country or just want to sit at home and make a payment to make a purchase online this one card will be your go-to for everything.

The prepaid MasterCard will allow you to have flexibility and have easy access to funds transfer and payment and there will be no extra charges cause the card comes when you make the account. It’s as simple as that.

Managing your money virtually can be a stressful and an anxiety trigger for some people who are not so tech savvy.

Easy To Use App

They might feel uneasy handling large sums of money by just a single click and may be stressed out about the security and dependability of it. For all those people, WestStein has an online App that is so easy to understand and use that even a kid is able to do it.

The App offers you a number of services including funds transfer and balance check. You can also track all your spending through the transaction history tool and get a hold of your budget by keeping an eye on your remaining amount.

The App is available on both the Playstore and the App store so no one will feel left out and it is easily accessible to anyone, and you don’t need the latest technology to be part of the WestStein community.

You will also have multiple ways to top up your account with a WestStein current account that provides you with flexibility so that getting your hands on liquid funds will never be an issue anywhere around the globe.

They also have an online customer portal which will provide for you the exact same services as the app so you can even use your laptop or desktop to manage your finances.

They offer you as much security as a regular run of the mill bank maybe even more so you can trust them with your money.

How to Apply

Applying for a WestStein current account is a fast and easy online process that requires only the basic information, and any individual can easily apply.

The easy 3 step process to getting your own WestStein current account required you to fill the online application form. This form only asks you for your basic information such as your contact information, address and other personal details.

You will then be asked to set up an account with a password. This password is very important as it will give you access to your account online and you need to remember it and keep it safe. Please only share this if you absolutely have to with people you can trust.

The next step requires you to verify your email and phone number. This allows them to get in contact with you through email or phone in case of an emergency or any suspicious transactions that they feel like are out of the ordinary.

You to top up your account which can be done by three methods.

  • Transfer funds into your account by SEPA transfer which can only be done in EUR currency.
  • Top up your account through SWIFT transfers. This top-up method allows you to transfer money to your account in any currency that you have access to.
  • Transfer money into your account by other WestStein accounts and/or cards.

You will have access to your account immediately after registration which has essentially no fees and is completely free to set up. As soon as you have topped up your account with funds you can use them for any purchases or payment you wish.

The WestStein Master Card attached to your account which is also free of cost will be available to you within ten days of opening your account. The card will give you complete freedom to pay for anything or even make online transactions physically.

This card will also provide you with the facility to withdraw cash from anywhere around the world about 2.1 million ATMs worldwide support MasterCard.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply for a WestStein current account. This ensures that you are a legally consenting adult and helps them avoid any future lawsuits.
  • You must be a resident of the European Union, European economic area, Lichtenstein, Iceland or Norway. This makes it easy for them to deal with all the relevant financial laws and be safe and secure.

Additional Information

WestStein Prepaid MasterCard, Card and Payment Services is issued and provided by Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS). PFS is registered in England and Wales. The Company Registration Number is 6337638. The Registered Office is located at 5th Floor, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT

Customer support is available to you at all times and can be reached by calling +37165 509 995


  • WestStein provides its customers with a straightforward and easy way to handle their finances and eliminate any confusion with the simple and quick application process for its current account.
  • The application process is entirely online. They provide an essentially contactless way to set up a current account.
  • They have an extremely easy to manoeuvre App that can be installed on both ios and android users and the app gives them a lot of freedom when managing their funds.
  • Transfer and receiving money is a simple process and can be done in multiple ways such as SEPA transfers and SWIFT transfers and also a card to card sharing.
  • The app also offers transactions history so keeping track of your spending is very easy and even if you forget the statement will be right there easily accessible through your mobile device.
  • They have friendly and highly experienced customer service which can be called to attend to any jams or confusion you might be in whether it is at the time of application or even if you need any general information about any services or products. They will guide you step by step and clear any doubts or queries you might have.
  • The MasterCard will be delivered to you within 10 days or less, and it can change your shopping experience. The funds can be transferred, or your card can be swiped at more than 4 million locations around the world.
  • The card can be used on vacation to any country in the world, and there will be no extra fees and the exchange rates are lower than regular currency exchange houses, so you are able to get the best deals and travelling is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.
  • The offer up to 3 supplementary cards attached to your main account so your family can also enjoy the same perks as you.
  • They have bank-level security so you can be calm when trusting them with your money and they ensure you are never faced with any fraud or hacking.



  • The current account that you will have set up with WestStein will earn no interest, and the money that has been credited in the account will remain like that.
  • There will be ATM fees and service charges that may be deducted from your account annually.
  • There are certain perks for the verified customer such as more limit and/ or fewer fees per annum.



What is the difference between and verified and a non-verified customer?

A non-­verified customer is an individual who has not completed the client identification procedure and who, in comparison to a verified customer, has significantly lower loading, cash withdrawal, payment and balance limits.

A verified customer is an individual who has completed the client identification procedure. After successfully completing the client identification process, a non-­verified customer becomes verified and can fully enjoy all the features and benefits of the card.

The verification procedure can be done in the WestStein client portal by uploading copies of documents that prove the individual’s residence (for example, a utility bill) and identity.

What fees can I be charged with?

The account opening and card issuance are free of cost for all WestStein customers.

  • You will, however, be charged a monthly service fee of €1.
  • You will also be charged card to a card transfer fee of 1% of the total transfer.
  • Card replacement fee can be charged €10.
  • Transaction investigation fee can be charged €15.


What is my card transaction limit?

  • Total loading amount and spending amount limit For non-verified customers is
  • Per day is €150.
  • Per month is €150.
  • And per year is €1800.
  • For the verified customer the total loading amount per day is €35000.
  • And the total spending amount per day is €15000.








Company Details
  • Registration Number: 06337638
  • Incorporation Date: 2007-08-08
  • Status: Active
Contact WestStein
  • via Phone: (+371) 65 509 995 Call
  • via Post: Langham House 5th Floor, 12 Little Portland Street, Marylebone, London W1w 8bj, England, W1W 8BJ