WorldFirst is known to be one of the biggest and most reliable companies in the money transfer industry. It provides a combination of user-friendly platform and excellent customer support with an outstanding deal of rates.

This review focuses on the significant factors that you need to know when utilising WorldFirst for your money transfer needs. We focus on getting the pertinent facts that include the quality of service they provide along with its benefits and drawbacks. We also designed a complete list of provider reviews which you can check in this section on our website.

Company Information

WorldFirst is an international company that was founded in 2004 by Jonathan Quin in South London. Since it was established the company has expanded to other markets such as in Hong Kong China, Japan, Singapore, Australia and Canada. They have around 600 staff serving over 400, 000 customers in their 150 businesses. The company is also reported to have processed over £70 billion with one million transfers annually.

Awards and Recognition

Their rapid expansion gain attention for them to have an inclusion in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 in 2011. They were included in the top 10 Sunday Times FastTrack – companies in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The company also won several prominent awards, such as the UK National Business Award in 2011 and the UK Customer Experience Awards in 2013. WorldFirst payments also won the Queen’s Award for International Trade, which is one of the most prominent and gratifying awards in the UK.

Re-branding and Sale To Ant Financial 

On the 21st of June 2017, WorldFirst UK modified its logo and the look of its website into more eye-catching colours as compared to the original one. This rebranding process was later on adopted by all the other WorldFirst website. Aside from these changes, they also focus particularly on more online sellers, which manifests the company’s aim to market-based directions. Additionally, the company engaged in an internal restructuring on the succeeding year to align itself with its focus.

Along with its reorganization process, the company ceased in serving US-based clients and decided to terminate its entire US operation. It was later on publicly known that the company was sold for USD $700 million to Ant Financial, the Chinese giant behind AliPay and Alibaba.

Based on media reports, World First USA will be reopening in the future. It’s going to be a separate business, which will operate as Omega money transfers.

Pros and Cons Of Using WorldFirst

WorldFirst is organized to cater to individuals, businesses, and online sellers. There minimal fees wide coverage and customised services attract individuals to patronize them as their money transfer provider. However, it is important that you take a look at both its benefits and drawbacks which are as follows:


  • Low Transfer Fees: Personal transfers incurs no fees while businesses have fees ranging from $10 to $30.
  • Competitive rates which are priced in 3 bands of 0.50%, 0.25%, and 0.15%, which will be based on the amount involved.
  • Supports over 180 currencies which include exotic and less traded currencies
  • Flexible Sending Options
  • Helps businesses and individuals take advantage of the current rate as it offers: spot contracts for one time transfers, forward contracts to lock in rates for future transfers, and recurring payments options.
  • Their customer support responds immediately and is accessible via phone and live chat.
  • Customised services that assist individuals, businesses and online sellers with their needs


  • Minimum amount is $1,000 for personal transfer which is quite high regular customers
  • Limited transfer, allowing only transfer via bank accounts, 
  • Limited payout option and does not allow cash pickup
  • Not Available for US clients

How Does WordlFirst Works?

WorldFirst made their platform simple for you to easily figure out how to use and browse even if you’re not tech-savvy. Following are the procedures on how you can send and receive money with WorldFirst

Sending Money Through WorldFirst

  1. Sign up to open a WorldFirst account online or over the phone.
  2. Submit or upload the essential documents to verify your identity
  3. Once you’re able to successfully set up an account with WorldFirst. Set up your transfer and book a rate
  4. Enter the recipient’s details and the amount of money you’ll be sending. Make sure that all the details are error-free.
  5. Fund your transfer through a debit card or bank transfer or any available method in your area.
  6. WolrdFirst will carry out your order by converting your funds and sending into your recipient’s bank account.

Additional Services From World First

WorldFirst offers the following services several services for both individuals and businesses as an answer to their money transfer needs.

  • Spot Contracts — You can transfer money on the spot with the rates offered should you favour it.
  • Forward Contracts — you can book or lock in the current exchange rate if you think its favourable and transfer it in the future. This can help you take advantage in case the rate goes down.
  • Live Exchange Rates — World First allows you to check the latest interbank rates between your currency pairs.
  • Currency Converter Calculation — You will have the chance to check on the calculation of how much you can get after converting the money based on the interbank rate.
  • Rate Alerts — You can subscribe to get alerts or notification when your desired rates reach a particular threshold that you desire.
  • Receiving Accounts — Receiving accounts can take advantage of the several currencies that they offer. This means you can fund your transfer utilising a local account and transfer back the money to your home country.

Clients’ Feedback

Below are the positive and negative reviews from WorldFirst Clients. Their customers praised the company for the service they provide while some other customers had complaints as well

Positive Feedback

  • Easy and simple process to create an account and signup.
  • The rates were better than the others and with bank rates
  • Dedicated dealers are mostly praised for being professional, polite and focus on customers needs
  • Customers were satisfied with the transfer speed

Negative Feedback

Following are most of the complaints we’ve gathered from verified customers

  • Slower transactions to specific locations (e.g., Brazil), where the process might be slightly more complicated and requires may require a sign-off from the funds’ recipient.
  • Not providing original copies of certain documents.
  • Money not received during bank holidays.

Alternatives To WorldFirst

You can check more of the money transfer companies HERE.


TorFX - Competitor of Foreign Currency Direct for international money transfer ServicesTorFX allows you to register as in individual or business. It offers no fees for personal transfers and can provide scheduled transfers, stop-loss orders, forward contracts and limit orders. They are great to travel money solutions offered in the UK. They do not have cash pickups and multilingual website.



TransferWise - Competitor of Foreign Currency Direct for international money transfer Services

They serve individuals, businesses and online sellers. You can take advantage of their Borderless Account to hold funds in up to 27 currencies. The cost of a transfer depends on the currencies concerned, the transfer amount, and the payment mode.


CurrencyFair - Competitor of Foreign Currency Direct for international money transfer ServicesYou can register as an individual or a business. They allow scheduled transfers and offers a low transfer amount of €8. The transfer fee includes €3 plus 0.35% of the transfer amount



WorldRemit logo for Currencies Direct Money Transfer alternatives by iCompareFX
WorldRemit allows you to transfer money to the cash pickup location or bank accounts. Their website is available in several languages with a low minimum transfer amounting to £1.



FrontierPay - Competitor of Foreign Currency Direct for international money transfer Services

The company provides scheduled transfers, market orders, and forward contracts. Their personal transfers are free of charge with the minimum amount you can transfer is at £500.



XE - Competitor of Foreign Currency Direct for international money transfer Services

XE is one of the big brands in terms of money transfers. They do not impose charges on personal transfers and hedge funds using limit orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can help me get the best deals to send money overseas?

Before initiating an international money transfer, you can compare the prices of each provider through comparison section. Besides, if you already are a customer of a certain provider, you may need to check their latest rates as there may be some changes.

Is WorldFirst safe to use?

WorldFirst is safe and secured since they are fully authorized and monitored by the regulatory authorities of their operating countries.

How to receive money using WorldFirst?

They will directly deposit the money on the bank account of your recipient, who will acknowledge the receipt of the transfer.

Can I cancel my transfer?

If there are errors that you found out after completing the transaction process, you can get in touch with customer support and as for further assistance. They will recall the payment and notify the recipient bank.

The money, bank, and target destination will distinguish the cancellation and on how soon they can return the money back.

Does WorldFirst have a mobile app?

WorldFirst has an available mobile app that you can download on Google Play and App Store for free. The app allows you to make points, track for transfers. check for live rates, process using card payments and get market updates.

Company Details
  • Registration Number: 11453058
  • Incorporation Date: 2018-07-06
  • Status: Active
Loan Details
  • APR: See Website
  • Loan Amount: See Website
  • Repayment Duration: See Website
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