Edward Newman

Edward Newman

CEO of Finance.co.uk
Ed is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and CEO of Finance.co.uk.

Introducing Edward Newman (Ed), the CEO of Finance.co.uk. As a teenager, Ed didn't wait around for a fancy degree to start his working career. He dived into the world of coding at just 13 and, at 20, got the chance to build a website that eventually became the well-known comparison site money.co.uk.

But Ed's journey didn't end there. He played a pivotal role in taking money.co.uk through not one but two massive acquisitions, each worth over £120 million. After that, he took up senior leadership roles at Uswitch and Bankrate.

In 2019, Ed launched 71a, an agency focused on providing top-notch digital marketing services and products tailored specifically for the financial services industry.

Ed’s passionate about demystifying the world of finance and believes in harnessing cutting-edge technology to do just that. He's also a firm advocate for sustainable business practices and knows that looking out for his team is the key to continued success.

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