We do our very best to make sure all information listed on Finance.co.uk is up-to-date and accurate.

We monitor and update data in our financial comparison tables daily, and thoroughly research and regularly review the information in our guides and articles so you can rely on them to get the information you need.

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How to make a complaint
While we hope that you never have reason to complain, if you do spot any inaccuracies, omissions or oversights in the data or details listed on Finance.co.uk then please do let us know so that we can fix it.

Here’s how to raise a complaint with us:

What should I do if I find an issue with the financial data in your comparison tables?
If you spot an issue with the data in our comparison tables please send us the following information and our data team will investigate right away:

1. The name of the provider
2. The name of the product
3. The comparison table it appears in
4. Details of the issue or inaccuracy

Please email:  hello@finance.co.uk

What should I do if I find an inaccuracy in a guide?

If you find an inaccuracy in the information within one of our guides or articles please send us the following information and our content team will investigate:

1. The name of the article or guide
2.  Details of the issue or inaccuracy

Please email: hello@finance.co.uk

What should I do if I have a problem with a company mentioned on Finance.co.uk?
If your complaint relates to the products, practices or services provided by a third party company listed on Finance.co.uk you will need to contact the company directly to raise your concerns.

This is because we are not involved in the provision of any products, services or offers mentioned on Finance.co.uk we simply provide this information for your reference.

How will we address your complaint?
We endeavour to address and resolve any complaints we receive as swiftly as possible.

We monitor our complaints email address during working hours and will acknowledge receipt of any complaint by email within two working days.

Your complaint will be forwarded to the relevant department for investigation and we will keep you updated as to their findings.

We will aim to resolve all complaints within fourteen working days. If this is not possible for some reason beyond our control we will explain why this is and set a date in the future by which time we hope to have the issue resolved.

What to do if you do not feel your complaint has been dealt with?
If you do not feel that a complaint you have raised with Finance.co.uk using the above procedure has been adequately resolved then please email your concerns to Edward Newman, the CEO of 71a, (Finance.co.uk is a trading name of 71a Ltd) who will carry out a formal investigation into the way your complaint has been handled.