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By accessing the website, the member consents to be governed by the terms and conditions. When registering as a website member, the user will be asked to give full consent to the terms and conditions.

A member must live and reside in the UK to use the website and must also have reached the age of majority, no less than eighteen-years-old. By accessing the website and by consenting to the terms and conditions, the member guarantees that he or she is 18 years of age or older and lives and resides in the UK.

1. General

(a) “We”, “us” and “our” will henceforth refer to 71a Ltd, trading as;
“website” refers to the available website found at; it may also refer to any subsequent operated by us at any time;
“member” refers to any individual who has registered with the website and has agreed to the terms and conditions;
“expert” refers to members representing a third party organisation or financial company;
“your content” refers to any content, including testimonials, that the member has submitted to the company, or to any person employed by us either directly to the website, by fax, by electronic mail, by letter, or by any other available means  now and in the future.

(b) The website offers comparison services and information relating to consumer goods and/or services. We do not require recompense for the service provided, however we may collect fees from suppliers of said goods and services.

(c) We retain the right to remove, substitute, modify or replace any information as we deem necessary, without notice.

2. Financial Information Disclaimer

(a) The website offers comparison services and information relating to consumer services and/or products. This may include information about financial services. However, the website does not present legal or tax advice, advice about specific investments, nor does it provide advisory consultation about services and/or goods, or finances;

It is recommended members independently verify or seek professional financial advice in conjunction with any information provided by the website, whether it is in relation to procuring a service and/or product(s).

(b) While it is our intent to maintain all information on the site to be complete, accurate and up-to-date, we make no guarantees of this, and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage related to the accuracy of any stated information.

(c) The extent of information found on the website is provided by third parties, whether it is for products, services or both. Generally, the website acts as a platform for stated information. We do not edit, modify or select the listed information, nor do we sanction the qualifications, identity or authenticity of any company representative or expert. Accordingly, we cannot be held liable in relation to any loss incurred by any member who suffers from acting upon any given information found on the website. We also cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred because of relying on information presented on behalf of the website, a company representative, member or expert. The information provided is to be used at the risk of the member, at his or her sole discretion.

(d) The member should note the following warnings: the income and value derived from any investment may decrease as well as increase; investors may not see a return on their investment; past performance cannot be in any way a guarantee of future performance.

(e) We do our utmost best to ensure our weekly update and the information that it contains is true and precise. Nevertheless, offers can be rescinded or modified up to the last minute, so members should ensure they can redeem any deal or offered advantage before completing any transaction.

3. Our Content

(a) All graphics, text, databases, software, design, content and all other material found on the website and any subsequent domains is protected by copyright and is exclusively owned by us or our licensors.

(b) The member may use the website for their own individual and non-commercial purpose. It is permissible to download and/or print a single copy of any page found on the website or our subsequent domain, provided it is only for their personal use;

Aside from this specific permission, absolutely no graphics, content, text, design, software or any other material may be distributed, reproduced or modified unless the member obtains prior and explicit written permission;

The member cannot use the website commercially without prior and explicit authorization in writing from the website.

(c) The website does not endorse, recommend or affirm any information provided by a third party, any experts, links to our website or investment information found on the website.

4. Your Content

(a) Upon registering and accepting the terms of conditions of the website, the member grants to the website non-exclusive and royalty-free rights to distribute, edit, copy, store and otherwise use any content freely given by the member without any restraint or limitations placed on the website in any current or future media;

The member also endows the website the right to sub-license these rights and to pursue any legal procedure for the infringement of any aforementioned right.

(b) The website retains the right to remove and/or modify the member's content, including exclusion from accessing the website if deemed necessary, deleting any member account as we see fit and with or without notification.

(c) The member may not use the website to distribute, publish, utilize, send, transmit, host, store or copy any material which is either linked to or consists of rootkits, keystroke loggers, worms, Trojan horses, computer viruses, adware, malware or spyware or any other malicious software.

(d) The member may not perform any automated or systematic data collection activities. This shall include, but is not limited to, data harvesting, data mining or data extraction, and scraping in conjunction with our website, without explicit written consent from the website;

The member also may not store and/or collect any information about other members, experts, third parties or any other user of the website.

(e) The member cannot use the website in any way that would, or may, impair accessibility to or the availability of the website, nor use it any way that would cause, or may cause, any damage to the website. The member also may not use the website in any way that is considered harmful, fraudulent, illegal, or unlawful. The website may not be utilized for any harmful, damaging, illegal or unlawful activities or purpose.

(F) If a member becomes aware of a fellow member who breaches any of the aforementioned or subsequent terms and conditions, or abuses the website in any manner, it can be reported to the website through our contact details found on our Contact Us page.

5. Indemnity

Upon assent to the terms and conditions, the member hereby indemnifies the website and consents to maintain that indemnity against any expenses, liabilities, costs, damages losses, or costs  including without limitation any amounts paid by the website to a third party during a settlement, claim and/or dispute on advisement from our legal counsel as well as any legal expenses incurred or demanded of the website arising from a breach of terms by the member.

6. Liability Exclusions and Limitations

(a) Nothing found in these terms and conditions shall (i) place any limitations or exclusions on the member or the website on liability in regards to personal injury or death as a result of negligence; (ii) place any limitations or exclusions from the member's or the website's liability in conjunction with fraudulent misrepresentations or fraud; (iii) place any limitations or exclusions on the member's or the website's liability that is not permissible by law; or (iv) exclude any of the member's or website's that are not excludable under any applicable law.

(b) The exclusions and limitations placed within this section and elsewhere listed within these terms and conditions (i) are dependent upon the preceding paragraph; and (ii) regulate all responsibilities that have arose in relation to or under the terms and conditions' subject matter including, but not limited to, any liabilities emerging from contract(s), in tort (which includes negligence), and/or any infraction of statutory duty.

(c) The website shall not be held liable for any injurious loss or damage of any kind in conjunction with the member's use of the website or the website in and of itself.

(d) The website shall not be held responsible for any detrimental losses occurring because of event(s) that are beyond the website's reasonable control.

(e) The website shall not be held liable to a member regarding any losses sustained by a business, including, but not limited to, loss and/or damage to profits, revenue, income, anticipated savings, production, use, business, commercial opportunities, contracts and/or goodwill.

(f) The website shall not be held liable by the member for any corruption and/or loss of any software, database and/or data.

(g) The website shall not be held liable by the member in association with any consequential, special, indirect or direct loss and/or damage.

(h) Upon agreement to the terms and conditions, the member affirms the website's interest in placing limitations on the responsibility of our employees and officers. Regarding the website's interest, the member accepts the website is a limited liability entity. Furthermore, the member agrees that he or she will not bring a personal claim against any officer or employee in association with any damage or losses sustained because of the website and/or these terms and conditions. This shall not and does not exclude or limit the liability of the officers, employees or company for acts and omission committed on behalf of the website.

(i) The website does not provide any warranty that access to the content found on the website or to the website itself is free from interruptions or errors, nor do we allow for any provisions that any contents contained within the site or on the website itself are free from anything considered harmful such as viruses and the like. It is the sole responsibility of the member to have the appropriate safeguards in place to protect their property from anything deemed harmful.

7. Links and Merchants

(a) The website holds information about third party websites as well as links to the aforementioned. The website is not liable for any information, terms and conditions or privacy policies of said third parties. The website is also not responsible for any services and/or products they provide.

(b) Any transaction or arrangement between the third party and the member is henceforth performed at the sole risk of the member. The website assumes no liability for any damages directly or indirectly relating to any inaction or action the member performs in regards to material found on the website.

(c) Select links to third party websites are affiliate links, meaning the website can receive recompense when the member clicks on a link associated with an affiliation or if the member purchases goods and/or services through an affiliate.

8. Privacy

(a) The website regards your privacy as a serious matter. It behoves the member to read our Privacy Policy carefully and thoroughly to understand how the website handles your sensitive information.

(b) As appropriate and as the website sees fit, member content such as testimonials may be published on the website.

(c) The member has responsibility for and control over their account, including the privacy settings. The Privacy Policy details the different privacy settings available to members.

9. Payments to Third Parties

(a) Should the member ascertain any product and/or service, payment will be made directly to the third party. The website does not process any transactions.

10. Breach of Terms and Conditions

(a) If the member fails to adhere to the terms and conditions, without prejudice to the company's other rights, or if the company suspects a member of breaching the terms and conditions, we may do one, or more, of the following as appropriate: (i) notify the member with one or more formal warnings (ii) suspend the member's account temporarily (iii) deactivate the member's account permanently (iv) block any and all computers derived from the member's IP address (v) pursue communication with the member's internet service provider to permanently block the member from accessing the website (vi) pursue any and all appropriate legal proceedings against the member for violating said terms of contract (vii) permanently suspend and/or remove the member's account from the website; and/or (viii) edit, modify or delete any or all content provided by the member.

(b) If the member's account is suspended or terminated, the member agrees to not take any action to circumvent their prohibition or suspension, which would include, but is not limited to, hiding, masking or re-routing their IP or creating multiple accounts.

11. Trademarks

(a), 71a and all associated logos are trademarks that are owned by us. No permission, explicit or otherwise, is given for any use of said trademarks and any utilization of such may constitute an infringement of our copyrights.

(b) The unregistered or registered trademarks or service marks are deemed properties of their respective owners. Unless directly specified otherwise, the website does not endorse nor are affiliated with those who hold those rights and as such cannot grant permission to license or use said rights belonging to others.

12. Amendments

(a) The website shall update the terms and conditions when needed. The revised version will be available to view on the website. Continued use of the website by a member will constitute consent to the revised terms and conditions.

13. Severability

(a) If any term or condition detailed here is deemed unenforceable, unlawful or invalid, that provision will be considered stricken from the contract. Consequently, the enforceability and validity of remaining conditions will not be affected.

14. Assignment

(a) The member hereby consents that the website may sub-contract, transfer, assign or otherwise arrange our obligations and/or rights without the need to notify the member or gain his or her consent.

(b) The member shall not sub-contract, transfer, assign, or otherwise arrange the website's obligations and/or rights.

15. Third Party Rights

The contract found within these terms and conditions are for the benefit and protection of both the member and the company. They are not intended nor suited for third parties. Furthermore, they are not enforceable by any third party. The exercise of said rights found within these terms and conditions are not contingent upon the consent of any third party.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

(a) These Terms and Conditions are subject to and governed by the law of the English courts.

(b) If a member disputes any term and/or condition in relation to the website, that dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the English law.