A Simple Guide On Extreme Sports Travel Insurance Cover

A Simple Guide On Extreme Sports Travel Insurance

A conventional insurance policy may just cover low-risk activities, so a venture that includes sky diving or rock climbing, requires a different level of cover under extreme sports insurance.

Extreme Sports Cover Explained

Extreme Sports Cover is a financial safeguard toward injury when participating in extreme sports or activities while abroad.  It is ideal for adrenaline enthusiasts who enjoy the high action sporting activities

Some extreme sports and activities are covered automatically in a normal single trip or annual travel insurance policy. In case it’s not included, you can add them by paying additional fees.

Additionally, travel insurer will impose pricey rates for extreme sports cover due to higher chance of claiming you have a higher chance of claiming.

What Can Extreme Sports Insurance Covers?

tickMedical Expenses –  This embraces the expenses of your medical procedure and treatment at the event of injury.

tickRepatriation – The expenses of your return or re-entry home are covered when it’s medically necessary.

tickPersonal Injury – This reimburses you a lump sum if you undergo permanent disability due to accident that occurs while you’re on holiday.

tickPersonal Liability – This includes you if you harm someone, or lose or break somebody else’s belongings.

This guide explains the coverage of travel insurance policy and lets you shop around for better deals…

Activities Included In Extreme Sports Insurance Cover

This will rely on the type of policy you get. Most policies cover some sports or activities as standard and others are classified as extreme.

Sports That Needs Extra Cover

These sports activities are also referred to as extreme or adventure sports. These activities have a higher risk of accident or injury. This is the reason why you need to pay additional fees id you plan to venture on this during your holiday. Some of these activities are:

tickRock climbing

tickWhite water rafting


tickQuad biking

tickRock climbing

tickScuba diving

tickWhite water rafting

If you plan to go on a skiing holiday, you should add for a winter sports cover to your existing policy.

Winter Sports Cover

Most travel insurance providers offer the alternative of adding a particular winter sports cover package during your application. This can cover:

Winter Sports




ticksnowblading and 


Winter Sports Gear

tickaccidental loss

tickdamage or theft, and can include the cost of hiring replacement equipment during your trip

tickCheck your policy for exclusions for details such as you may not be covered if you do not notify the robbery within 24 hours.

Piste closure 

The cover safeguards you if you are incapable to ski for a consecutive duration of more than 12 hours. This can be due to loss of snow or bad climate. It may also include transport expenses when you need to go to a different location to ski.

You may also secure cover for ski pass when you’re incapable to use it because of sickness or injury acquired on your trip, along with an avalanche cover if your holiday is interrupted by an avalanche where you stayed.

Review the exclusions and cover sums thoroughly. Some has extended medical excess for some sports if you’re guided by an instructor.

Activities Covered As Standard

These are activities that are classified as less risky when applying for extreme sports insurance:


tickHill walking on a particular altitude


Some providers exempt personal accident and liability cover for more hazardous activities, like:


tickGo karting

tickKite surfing

Remember: Every travel insurance policy differs. Always review if it covers your activity and check for any restrictions in place.

Get The Right Extreme Sports Insurance Cover

Comparing travel insurance is ideal to determine the best policies that can give you cover.

Check each policy to make sure of the coverage. If the ventures aren’t, call the provider and confirm if they can add it individually. Alternatively, you could affix an extreme sports package to the policy when you get a quote. You can compare each policy to determine the best deal for you.

Plan If It Fits to Get Annual Cover

Your annual policy will include any trip you necessitate throughout the policy term. This means you need to ensure if you intend to include activities you might attempt to try. Besides, if you’re not certain of the sports you desire before taking the policy, you can update later, but this can raise the price.

This guide describes how you can keep travel insurance updated.