How to Insure Yourself to Drive a Car That Is Owned by Someone Else

There may be times in your life when it’ll be useful to be able to drive a car that you don’t own.

Before you can do that, you’ll have to make sure that you’re insured on that vehicle so that you’re not driving illegally.

There are multiple ways to get insured on someone else’s car. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

Become a named driver

If you plan to regularly drive a car that you don’t own, such as a car owned by a family member, then it may be wise to be added as a named driver on the owner’s insurance policy.

Being a named driver will give you the same cover as the owner of the car, and depending on your details, it could lower the insurance costs for both of you.

Get short-term car insurance

If you only plan to drive a car that you don’t own for a set period, such as driving a friend’s car while on holiday, it will be wise to get short-term car insurance.

When getting this, you’ll be able to get a policy that lasts from a single day to a full month. Some insurers will be able to cover you for a few months if you need it.

Get comprehensive car insurance

With some comprehensive car insurance, you’ll be able to drive other people’s cars, providing that you’ve gotten permission to do. For the cover to be eligible, the car needs to have an existing insurance policy.

Not all insurance providers provide this cover with their comprehensive policy, so it’s important to look for this type of cover when taking out insurance.

If you have third party insurance, you won’t be covered to drive someone else’s car, so you’ll have to get covered by other means.

When getting insurance for someone else’s car, it’s crucial that you disclose that you are not the owner of the car or the registered keeper.

Is my cover on someone else’s car different?

When getting insurance as a non-owner, it should work in the same way as standard car insurance.

The terms and conditions of your policy will alter depending on the type of insurance – like if you’re becoming a named driver or getting temporary cover – but despite this, it shouldn’t be too different from getting insured on your own car.

Is getting insured on someone else’s car more expensive?

The premiums for getting cover on a vehicle that you don’t own are higher, and this is because insurers deem you as more likely to claim on a vehicle that you don’t own.

If you’re looking to save money, the best bet will be to get added to an existing policy instead of creating a new one for yourself.

You can also save money by buying temporary cover, providing that you know how long you’ll need the car. Even though the fees can be more expensive, by not paying for the full year, you won’t be charged for a period where you may not be using the car.