Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delayed or cancelled in the last 3 years? Reclaim up to €600 now!

No win no fee. Average claim time 6 weeks.


Avg. Compensation



30% - No win no fee


4-12 weeks

SkyCop Care – Multi Trip

Avg. Compensation





4-12 weeks

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Find out if you are due compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight

Flight delays and cancellations are frustrating and it’s important to make sure that you’re clued up on your rights before you fly – you could be entitled to compensation or a refund.

What are my rights?

If you’re flying with an EU based airline, or from an EU airport, you are protected by the Denied Boarding Regulation, which states that the airline should offer you assistance if your flight delay is expected to go beyond a certain time frame. You could also be entitled to claim compensation depending on the reason for your delay and the distance of your flight.

The Denied Boarding Regulation applies when:

  • you have a confirmed booking
  • you checked in on time
  • If no check-in time was given, then at least 45 minutes before your flight was scheduled to depart you’re departing from an EU airport, or from a non-EU airport and flying into an EU airport.

Unfortunately, if you’re traveling with a non-EU based airline and are flying from a non-EU destination, the same rules don’t apply. However, you may still be entitled to compensation; make sure you check the airline’s Condition of Carriage.


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What am I entitled to?

Under the Denied Boarding Regulation, what you are entitled to is dependent on the length of your flight and how long are you delayed for.

You’re entitled to meals, refreshments, phone calls, and emails if:

  • a flight under 932 miles is delayed for at least two hours
  • a flight within the EU that is more than 932 miles is delayed by at least three hours
  • a flight that isn’t within the EU but is between 932 and 2,174 miles is delayed for at least three hours
  • any other flight delayed for at least three hours

If you are in one of the above categories you are entitled to:

  • two free phone calls
  • free meals and refreshments (appropriate to the length of delay)
  • free hotel accommodation and hotel transfers (if an overnight stay is required)
  • the option to choose, if your delay is more than five hours, between being re-rerouted or reimbursed.

If your flight has been delayed, use our Flight Durations calculator to help during the compensation process.

Depending on the distance of your flight and reasons for being delayed, you could also be entitled to claim compensation in addition to the entitlements listed above.

The information above is correct at the time of publication. Please check with your airline carrier for their compensation policies and procedures.


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