was launched in 2011; they believe that you need more options when it comes to short term borrowing and lending of money. Traditional banks and online platforms may ask you to pay a large sum monthly, but cash4u offers loans of £150 to £500 and even up to £1000 for returning customers.

The repayments of the loans are within a period of 4- 6 months after the loan which eases the customer as they can stay on their budget and won’t have to make heavy payments in one month. They offer competitive rates in terms of interest and apr.

Cash4unow also claims to be completely transparent with its customers, which means there are no hidden fees or charges and they will not be extending your line of credit. You will only have to pay the money that was written on your agreement.

They ensure that you will be happy with their services as they aim to help the customer with their finances instead of burdening them with heavy interest rates and apr. In urgency, they provide the money you need with the flexibility you want to repay those loans.

They are a payday loan company, which means that you can coincide your loan repayments with your payday to give you the utmost ease.

How To Apply For A Loan From Cash4unow

Applying for a loan is quite a simple process all you need to do is go to their website and fill out the online application they have. The application itself is also quick enough; here you will have to give out your personal details, name, contact number, address etc.

You will also choose how much money you want to borrow, with a representative apr of 1314%.

If you are a new customer, you can only get a smaller loan of £150- £500, but you are a recurring customer who is getting a loan the amount you borrow can increase up to £1000. They also require additional details such as your monthly budget, your debit card information, employment details etc.

If you require more assistance, you can call their number 0113 887 3434 or email them at for any kind of assistance during the process.

What Happens Next?

Once the application is filled out, you may receive an online ‘in principle’ decision, which will not be the final decision but it will be an arbitrary decision to see if you qualify to be accepted for the loan. They will then call to confirm your employment status and personal circumstances and affordability to finalise your application.

If you are approved, you will receive confirmation, and the money will be transferred to your account on the same day. Given that you are applying on working days Monday to Friday till 6 pm.

When applying for the loan make your employment details, and contact info is as accurate as possible as cash4unow confirms the employment and they need accurate contact details to reach you for more information about your loan.

Will They Check My Credit Score?

They do individually vet each application and do check your credit score, but even if you don’t have a great credit score, you may still be accepted, given that you can afford to repay the loan. They might call to ask for further information such as a paycheck slip etc.

After the money has been transferred to your account, you can use it to your will. The repayments will be taken through CPA (continuous payment authority). This means that every month the amount that you agreed to for the repayments will be taken from your bank account directly without needing your permission.

This is usually the easiest form for them, and many companies use this method. You can, however, cancel this at any time by talking to your provider or your bank.

Eligibilities To Apply:

They have very straight forwards requirements for you to be able to apply for a loan. They are pretty much standard, but you should only apply if you will be able to repay the amount with interest.

  • Be aged between 18 and 65. This ensures that you will have a solid source on income and you are not retired yet to be not able to repay the loan.
  • Live in the UK. As this is a UK based company, they require you to be a resident of the country, so you don’t run with the money.
  • Have a UK based bank account and an associated debit card. This account will be used to get the repayments.
  • You should also receive your monthly salary in this particular account so they can get the payday repayments.
  • To be able to repay the loans you have to have a salary of a minimum £600. This assures that that you will have money available to pay the payments.
  • Have an accurate contact number and a valid email so the company can contact you at any time.
  • Be able to afford the repayments on the given date. The fine for late payment is £15 for each day. That is on top of the interest added.


  • The CASH4UNOW loans are eligible for more vastly aged citizens from 18 years of age to 65. This will initiate more eligible teenagers and young entrepreneurs to take these loans as long as they have the credentials required.
  • It has a simple online application form which means you can fill out with the comfort of your own home without the hassle of taking extra time out from a busy schedule to manage bank hours time.
  • There is a CASH4UNOW advisor available on the phone to help you and assist you to fill out the application form over the phone if you face any inconvenience or difficulty.
  • It has same day payment available as soon as the application submission has been accepted and gone over by the company.
  • The company further provides much more diversity with the loan repayable dates which can coincide with the day the client gets paid.


  • There are additional late fee charges, as it is a short term loan and due to the FCA there is a 0.8% interest on every day of the granted loan
  • It has comparatively high-interest rates
  • Only eligible for people who have a monthly surplus of at least £600 each month which requires a sustainable job.

Security And Support:

Cash4unow offers high-grade security for you and your data. They only use the personal information you provide to manage your account and offer you products and services to aid you. They do share this data with CRA’s (credit reference agency) and with FPA’s (fraud prevention agency) to help prevent fraud and money laundering.

They only use your personal information if they have your legal consent, they are legally bound to share the information if they are signing a contract with you or it is used for their legitimates reasons according to the contract.

They use your information to communicate with you, ask for documentation update you about your loan etc. They process your loan application, and any other service you may have requested from them.

They also use your information to any other party they enter business with or their advisers as long as they follow their confidentiality clause and keep the data only for the process of that particular transaction.

The third party companies they may share your data with include, IT and service providers to keep the data encrypted.

Providers of fraud prevention and sanction screening services, suppliers of analysis, risk and underwriting services, marketing research companies who assist with developing their services and survey providers and with their customer service agents, providers, managers and perhaps the complaints departments.

Some information is categorised as special information this includes your gender, health, sexual orientation, race or ethnic origin, political opinions etc.

They will ask for this information in the application you fill out; they will only use this information to provide you with the particular service or to manage your account.

They will ask you explicitly for this information in the written form on the application and ask for your consent.


Is a loan from Cash4unow suitable for my needs?

When applying for a loan you should always ask yourself, do I need this loan? Do I have any other options? If you do have other options, you should go for that option and only opt for a loan as a last resort.

A usual payday loan is designed to take a small short term loan that will be paid in full at the next payday. With cash4unow, you repay the loan in small increments.  So you are not financially burdened. Since they are short loans for longer periods of time, they may not be suitable to sustain.

They are also not the best option if you have financial difficulties or are already in debt. For difficulties with money, you should consider debt counselling.

How much does a loan cost?

The interest rate that is charged on your loan is 0.8% per day of outstanding payment. This means that they will not charge you more than that until your next payment is due. The payment is equally spread across 4 to 6 months depending on you and its spread equally to help with the monthly budget.

Each instalment has a principal amount calculated and added to the agreement, so you know the amount you need to pay. The exact amount of interest will depend on your payment dates and how long you take the loan for.

If you miss a payment, they may charge £5 a default price and add it per day to your payment amount. They may do that up to 3 times per missed instalment. They will also probably charge you interest for the payments you miss and for the period you miss them.

The rate of the interest will be that decided in your agreement. If you do not make a few consecutive payments, they might refer you to an external debt collector.

What if cash4unow is unable to offer me a loan at the time?

Unfortunately, cash4u know they cannot provide loans for everyone. It is a private company and does not have the particular funds to provide for everyone. They can however forward your details to other 3rd party companies if you have given your consent.

These details include the application details you have already submitted to cash4unow. The third party companies are carefully selected and vetted by cash4unow. They may also be able to give other loan options for you that may be more suitable for you. cash4unow may receive a small commission for this.

They do their research for these companies and make sure their compliance with the company’s policies. They make sure that the customer is treated fairly. They also try as much as possible to direct their customers to sites where the upfront charges and fees will not be charged.

How do I repay my loan?

The payment for your obtained loan is made either through direct debit or by your debit card on the day you have picked suitable for you. It’s initially beneficial not to delay the payment as you will be charged a late payment fee and will cause money problems.

The idea behind the convenient date and the sufficient bank account details is to pay your loan so that it can coincide with your payday you won’t necessarily have to bother saving up or putting aside money for the end of the month and go through troubles.

There will be an even more reliable reminder three days before your payment is due for the month or week so that you don’t forget in your busy schedule and the company helps towards you not paying an extra amount.




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  • Incorporation Date: 2011-05-18
  • Status: Active
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