Everyday loans, a private lending company that was established in 2006. Their main goal is to provide loans to people with bad credit.  The loans their offer can be of the various who might not get a loan from traditional places due to the fact that they have no credit history, less than perfect history if you are self-employed or any other factor which may get you rejected.

They look at each application individually which means that are more likely to look at your personal conditions and you have a better chance of getting accepted for a loan even if you don’t have a good credit score.

They are widely known as the straightforward way to get loans without the confusing its customers with words and numbers that they don’t really understand.

They have branches all over the U.K. the process is also simples where they don’t behave like any other call centre to apply, they give you the loan in person in one of their many branches available to you.

Another important thing Everyday loans offer is that they assess you and your finances and only give you the amount of loan you can easily pay back without inconvenience. This helps the customer, so they don’t have to cut the loan repayments more than their budget.

They offer loans from £1000 to £15000 depending on your personal situation for 2-5 years. They have excellent customer service, you can call, email or visit tone of their offices to get help during the application as well as after the application.

Types Of Loans

Everyday has a huge selection of loans that they provide. They have something for everyone. Most of these loans can be categorised into 2. Bad credit loans and personal loans.

How To Apply

The loans in bad credit loans include wedding loans, car loans, home improvement loans, debt consolidation loans, and long-term loans.

Getting loans is not an easy business. Especially in this economy just going from month to month can be a struggle. Everyday loans give flexible direct loans to help you through difficult times.

Everyday loans look through each application individually so even if you have had bad credit score previously or have missed payments before, they still might be able to give you a loan.

The first step includes filling out their short application in it you fill out your contact information so a representative from Everyday looks can get in touch with you if they need any further information from you or they want to confirm the documentation.

Along with what you give them the details of your loan, how much you would like to borrow and for how long you would like to borrow the money from — anywhere between £1000 to £15000 for 2 to 5 years.

You also have to choose the reason for your loan, home improvement, debt consolidation etc. Then you give your financial details such as your employment, your account details, debit card number etc. In the last step of the application, you must give your address details, where you live and how long you’ve lived there.

The place where they can send your letters by post and that is all it takes.

You submit your application, and with their extremely quick process, you can get a decision within seconds. The initial decision you get is not final though it can be changed depending on your personal circumstance after they vet your application further. They may call you to ask for more documentation so review your application further.

The last step is to go into your nearest local branch to get the loan approved. It is a simple process where they will confirm your details and tell you what loan you can receive and how it can be approved.

Everyday loans understand your financial need and aim to help you as much as they can. They give direct loans, so you are stable for a short term, this buys time to prepare for months later and get everything in order.

It helps you get back on your feet and once you have dome that you can start repaying the loan. The APR and interest on the loans are completely, but the interest rate is fixed at 67.9% for 24 months. Representative APR can range from 24.2% to 299.9% maximum.

Debt Consolidation Loans And More Info

In the UK the range of financial obligations can be difficult to keep up with. When you have many different payments and missing those payments will cause fees and charges that are tedious, to say the least.

Debt consolidation loans can be very useful by debt consolidation loans you can settle your previous debts which makes it easier to keep track. You will only have to worry about 1 Apr and 1 interest rate instead of having a little bit of debt in many different places which makes the entire process much simpler.

The loans at Everyday loans are often spread over a couple of years, so it does become easier to repay those loans. It can be very stressful to manage and handle all the different debts, you are only human and the entire process it can get you agitated.

They have a hotline number 0808 274 6446 where you can call for customer service, or you can write to them at Everyday Lending Limited Secure Trust House, Boston Drive, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5YS if you have any problems or issues before during and after your application. their customer service is one of the best and are known to be very friendly and helpful.

Eligibility To Apply

Their eligibility criteria are very simple and does not require much all you need is

  • To be aged between 18 to 75 at the time of the loan. So you are a consenting adult at the time of applying and repaying the loan
  • Be a UK resident. The loan is only available to people of the UK. You need to come to a branch to approve the loan, and that is only possible if you are situated outside of it.
  • You should be financially stable enough to have a solid income to be able to make the repayments of the loan after it has been taken.


  • Applying through Everyday loans will not affect your credit score, they use soft search with gives you a quote, so even if you are successful in receiving the loan, it won’t have a negative impact.
  • They are a direct lender and don’t go through any bank so their criteria for you to get accepted is a little bit looser than it would be connected through a bank.
  • They do not have any hidden or unusual charges. They will not charge you to consider your application, and there are no charges for transferring the money to your account.
  • They offer a variety of loans so you can get a loan for almost anything that you might need. Their loans are to suit all types of people with their financial troubles.
  • You don’t have to own a home to be able to apply for a loan they offer loans for tenants as well, and why the application process is simple and easy, you can also receive a conditional decision within minutes and don’t have to wait days.


  • The interest rates and APR that they offer to people with bad credit are much higher. They will have to pay more if their credit is worse than if their credit was good.
  • They do charge for late payments so you cannot be late on the monthly payments once the loan has been received.
  • They only offer long term loans starting from 2 years so you might want to really think if you need the loan before committing to a long payment plan.


What Documents Do You Need To Bring To The Office?

You only need 3 documents, proof of your identity. Your passport or your driver’s license. Proof of where you live this includes a utility bill or a bank statement if that house and lastly your proof of income which could be a payslip or a 2-month bank statement.

If you are self-employed or you are in the construction agency, you will need a signed photographic registration card, e.g. (Forms C1S4, C1S4 (P), C1S4 (T), C1S5 or C1S6).

How Much Can I Borrow And What Will It Cost?

The amount you can borrow depends on the personal circumstance, but it can be up to £15000. The things to help them decide what you can pay. They look at what you can afford. If you own your home or if you rent it.

It can then be used as a retainer or guarantee for your loan. They also look at your credit history and your financial stance at present. An advisor for Everyday loans will assess these things and decide which loan is more suitable for you.

How Long Will It Take?

After your application has been filled, it takes only a few minutes on the phone to set up an appointment, and after it has been made, you can go to the bank which will take no more than 45 min.

For regular cases, they will be able to confirm details in a few minutes, and you will receive the loan there in an instant. Given that you have provided them with all the information and they are able to conduct their checks. They will most likely give you a cheque that you can cash.

What Is A Soft Search Credit Check?

A soft search credit check essentially allows you to get a quote without it affecting your credit score. You Can get as many quotes as you want for whatever type of loan you desire to find whichever one is right for you.

It is a better alternative than applying for a loan and getting rejected which hurts your credit score. With a soft search, you can weed out the loans not applicable for you to find the right one for you.







Overall Review

Everyday loans offer a wide range of loans, so they are able to meet many different kinds of needs. They also offer loans to people with bad credit.

They review each application individually and do most of the application process face to face, so you have the opportunity to make your case to them in person instead of a computer algorithm deciding your fate.

They also give guarantor and unsecured loans giving you even more options when choosing your loan. They don’t charge any fees for considering your application, and if you get rejected, it won’t impact your credit score.

You can apply for a loan even if you are self-employed as long as you disclose your income. They are also a direct lender, and you don’t have to go through any broker when applying.

If you already an existing customer for the company you still have options that you can apply for a top-up loan, which will get you additional funds in your existing amount.

You do need to pay a few of the repayments before you can avail that option although another thing that you can do is to recommend a friend. After you are gotten your loan, you can help a friend also in need by recommending her to apply.

If she does apply using your recommendation, you will get £100 for yourself, and your friend will receive £100 as well.

Everyday loan is a good option for people who have trouble receiving loans from any other place and who want a higher amount of loans. They are also good for people who want obscure types of loans as the types of loans with Everyday loans is pretty good.

Plus the loans they offer are only what you will be able to pay back comfortably so it won’t be a huge burden off you and budget.

Company Details
  • Registration Number: 05850869
  • Incorporation Date: 2006-06-19
  • Status: Active
Contact Everyday Loans
  • via Phone: 08082 746423 Call
  • via Email:tellmemore@everyday-loans.co.uk Email
  • via Post: 1st Floor North, 2 Dukes Meadow, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, England, SL8 5XF