Honeycomb Finance is the contemporary and the latest means of providing for your demands. Its uniquely designed loan plans are more than essential for people of a diverse range, for people going through different problems and situations where they feel helpless without the hassle of multiple visits to the bank, the paperwork and the endless amount of personal data required, bank checks and all that unwanted stress.

Honeycomb Finance is situated in England and Wales. Their ideology is to link your wants to your needs with their easily affordable loans and exclude irrational criteria for you to do so.

It provides loans from 1-6 years of the time period of approximately £2,000 to £25,000.

Setup Fees

The most convenient part is… There is no initial set up fees. It offers a variety of loans with different interest rates and broadens the spectrum of suitability for its clients.

To process your application, they will perform credit and character check which would keep an eye on you with at least one CRAs. To do this, they will supply your personal data to CRAs, and they will give those details about you in return.

This will incorporate data from your credit application and about your monetary circumstance and budgetary history.

CRAs will supply to them both openly (counting the discretionary register) and shared credit, budgetary detail and money related history data and misrepresentation avoidance.

In the amount of inflation in the recent years has made it impossible for people to adapt and adjust in their regular monthly paychecks, projects and loans like Honeycomb Finance help reduce the anxiety that people face coping with bills, taxes and other necessities.

Some people just require the minimum to do something much larger, and this is that minimum. It produces more opportunities for you to fund your ideas and make a stable life for yourself.

How To Apply For A Honeycomb Finance Loan

Honeycomb Finance is a community providing you with loans for various purposes in life with low-interest rates and a full digital application which goes as much as to have a digital signature facility available, everything they ask for can be at the ease and comfort of your own home.

All the relevant information that they require is taken up directly from the website you would first need to apply through a credit broker who would then transfer all your data automatically to honeycomb Finance website.

In case, you are unaware of what a credit broker is, basically, a credit broker connects somebody who needs consumer credit, a debtor with an individual or a company willing to provide it, a creditor, normally for a commission.

All interaction between Honeycomb and you can be made roughly within a few minutes with their great customer care service and helpline to walk you through whatever you find difficulty in.

This would include your name, date of birth, a home address where you are currently situated, telephone number(s), email address(es), financial information including bank account summary, monthly earnings, where you work and a few more relevant details.

Valid data about your transactions and association with their company, including your history of payment, loan balances, and details that you were inquired for when interacting with their customer service representatives will also be included.

This will also be subject to any further personal information you voluntarily provide which could include special category personal data, for example, details which you provide about your health where this relates to your ability to meet your obligations under the agreement and also the information regarding your use of the Website including that collected through the use of cookies.


  • Provides low-interest rates, therefore, making it easier for you to repay and get through with through the loan in a shorter and more accessible way.
  • Lets you opt for all-purpose loans from minor ones to more larger ones whichever you require.
  • Revolves pay check to pay check thus ridding you of missing out repayment dates
  • No extra registration fee that many other lenders take for the profit of their company
  • Easy to use website that fills you in on the on the valid information one requires to take up a loan
  • Digitalised application and signature ease you of all the unwanted paperwork troubles.
  • Has automated decision-making service which decides the approval, affordability and checks your information for you to see if you fit their criteria or seem a risk.


  • Only communication is through telephone, SMS, email or post which means there is no proper face to face interaction which may not be as beneficial for people to trust a site and address their queries.
  • May share some of your information to third parties, not as alarming as it sounds yet remains a concern.
  • Retains your personal data until seven years at least after your term with them has ended.

Additional Information

They likewise gather your private information from outsiders, for example, the hunts of Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) of their records identifying with you and other individuals with whom you are connected monetarily, in turn, they also obtain information from open records (for example the constituent roll) as well as from other outsiders with your assent (for instance a credit intermediary).

They utilise your Personal Data which they gather as set out above to confirm your character and business status before they give you credit and add to their association with you.

They even go as much as to evaluate your record as a consumer and settle using credit card choices regarding you. However, they speak with you by phone, email, SMS, or post making it convenient for some and a source of annoyance for others.

They take personal information also to meet their legitimate, administrative and legally binding commitments emerging from any credit understanding you go into with them.

They deal with your record, make accumulations, follow you and recuperate obligations owed by you. They asses to avert misrepresentation and illegal tax avoidance before they give you an advance and after your credit has been allowed and report positive, reprobate and default information to CRAs.

Honeycomb Finance uses your details to provide you with data about different items and administrations they offer that are like those that you may see on their website or otherwise and ensure to give and enhance client administration and backing. To oversee their Website, improve operational capacities and for inner tasks.

Final Verdict

They offer an advance to accommodate your financial plan. They hope to coordinate your necessities and reasonableness to a rate that is appropriate enough to reach by an adaptable no expense item that gives you account for those imperative things throughout everyday life.

After you get a Honeycomb credit, they need to proceed with the relationship all through, and they have a devoted client administration helpline to support you if you have any inquiries. Simply call Honeycomb Customer Services on 0345 848 0231*.

The selection of loans accessible can be totally overpowering. With a scope of financing costs and instalment terms it very well may be hard to realise where to begin. Honeycomb is there to slice through the disarray and disentangle the advance application process.

It utilises innovation to accomplish a smooth and peaceful application procedure, and they are close by to talk about whatever is essential to you. Simply call the Honeycomb Hotline. We’re all unique. Diverse identities, narratives, and just our own individuality for beings.

You may require an advance for a home enhancement, another vehicle or a wedding or on the other hand perhaps you need to take to your own personal interests. Whatever these distinctions, they approach the coordinating of the ideal advance for you similarly, it needs to accommodate your conditions and prerequisites flawlessly, and it must be at a rate you can bear.

Furthermore, from that point on, it’s tied in with helping you as fast and effectively as could reasonably be expected. It forms a community for its borrowers and assists them in their daily walks of life, repayments can be made timely without any pressure, but it is advised you try to make early payments and sometimes pay a little above the minimum if you can afford to do so to reduce the rate of interest worry free further.


What happens after I apply for the loan?

Your application is affirmed in a split second. They will send you an email to confirm that they have effectively gotten your finished application and that you have been endorsed for the advance. You have to pursue the email link then to electronically sign the authoritative reports.

Your application is affirmed on a basic level, yet they need some extra data; therefore, they will call you to ask for narrative proof, for example, your most recent bank articulation.

When they have gotten this, they will send you an email to configure that you’ve been endorsed for the advance. You have to pursue the email exactly the same way to sign the official archives electronically.

They must survey your application before they can settle on a choice so they will call you to experience your application and exhort you what further documentation they require.

An endless supply of the extra documentation they will get in touch with you again to give you their choice after their audit.

How do I sign my credit agreement?

Every one of our assertions are marked electronically. If you are affirmed for an advance, they will consent to the arrangement, and you will get an email from DocuSign.

Following a connection in the email will take you to the official records which you ought to thoroughly read and go over. When you are fulfilled that everything is correct, click on the “sign here” marker.

This will give you a chance to choose your name before affirming. When affirmed, you and Honeycomb Finance get notice of the last marked archives. They do prescribe that you download the official files for your records.

Can I pay off debts with other lenders through this?

As for this moment, they don’t offer this administration as yet. The cash will be moved into your record, and you should settle any obligations straightforwardly yourself.

Your Honeycomb advance may not be reasonable for obligation solidification purposes. You should cautiously consider reasonable choices and look for exhortation from fittingly qualified counsellors.

If you are considering solidifying existing acquiring you ought to know that you might broaden the terms of the obligation and expanding the aggregate sum you reimburse.

What do I do if I am unable to repay my loan?

Once in a while, unanticipated conditions can make it hard to keep over your month to month credit reimbursements. If you miss an instalment, you regularly can’t simply repay by paying more the following month.

A missed instalment may bring about an expense and could unfavourably influence your FICO score. In case you’re attempting to reimburse your advance, don’t overlook the issue – it will just deteriorate. Reach them promptly on 0345 848 0231* to talk about your repayment alternatives.

How do I make a complaint?

When you make a complaint, they need to ensure that you are fulfilled that your objection has been managed expeditiously and successfully. They require when managing your objections is to put things right and abstain from committing similar errors later.

You can make a grievance by calling them on 0800 032 3923 or by keeping in touch with them at Honeycomb Finance Ltd, PO Box 909, Newport NP20 9NY.  In the event that you are still disappointed that we have not managed your inconvenience appropriately you qualified for contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).







Company Details
  • Registration Number: 08849931
  • Incorporation Date: 2014-01-17
  • Status: Active
Loan Details
  • APR 8.8%
  • Loan Amount £25,000
  • Repayment Duration 6 years
Contact Honeycomb Finance
  • via Phone: see website for contact details Call
  • via Email:[email protected] Email
  • via Post: 11-12 Hanover Square, London, England, W1S 1JJ