Zopa Loans, a new strategy to a traditional loan and investment plan started by 2005. Zopa matches your needs to your wants, its course of action provides its customers with low rate loans in exchange for high rate returns from various investors.

Zopa has nothing fabricated from its customers; they charge 3 initial fees to offer the service that is extraordinary in comparison to other companies. The origination fee, a loan servicing fee and an extra 1% fee for each investor that agrees to form a contract for their money.

The most convenient means of banking is that Zopa is solely an online banking method that has you at the comfort of your home without the hassle of multiple visits to the bank for information and service. It has a user-friendly website along with friendly and accommodating customer care service that will talk you through each step of need be.

A loan that foresees your reason for it which could be as much as much as getting rid of other debt, financial instability, future planning, needs of vehicles or even a wedding.

Zopa requires its customers to be unburdened with the idea of wanting anything in return for their service. Its APR rates range from 2.4% – 34.9% which is comparatively much lower than many of its competitors. The loan can be repaid using direct debit or a debit card or a simple call for instructions.

How To Apply

Applying for such a loan is without a doubt the most reliable and well-assisted design for a new era of banking. The process begins by making your way onto their website, this can either be accessed through a simple google search using the keywords for ‘Zopa loan’, and you will be directed their personal website which has an easy to use design as simple as to use on your smartphone. Then, choose the amount you want moving the slider from left to right with increasing amount.

It offers a range of £1,000 (minimum) to £25,000 (maximum) over a period of 1-5 years. Moreover, fill out a small form of personal information so they can understand the situation you need the loan in, this has no effect on the amount of loan they give you or change any views just simple helps them become familiar with the urgency for the money.

After this, your part is complete. You must wait for them to run through all details and uses bank-level encryption, so all your details are safe.

You will receive a decision within 2 days of the submission of your application after which you would need to prove a few identity factors, like associating a bank account or your means of earning.

Then you can opt from the two options for either a standard receiving the money within 3 days after the proving if the identity or if you in a dire need and want it urgently, pay £10 and have your money 1 day after the affirmative answer from Zopa.


  • Easy to use website, which covers all your personal queries and doesn’t require you to take out extra time from a busy schedule to make visits from a face to face interaction that often results poorly.
  • Provides a large loan with a comparatively low-interest rate.
  • Eligibility to apply for these loans is convenient.
  • Applicable for any resident from the age of 20 meaning that young entrepreneur and activists input youth can also obtain these loans for their cause as long as they fit the criteria required.
  • No penalty to loan repayment.
  • Its liable principles hold it responsible for any fraud done its employees or otherwise by the company, therefore, making it a completely trustable site securing your rights.



  • No joint loans or applications
  • Requires at least 5 working days waiting for the process after application submission to receive the actual sum of money.
  • Earning history needs to be at a minimum of £12,000 per year before the tax.


Additional Information On Zopa Loans

Zopa loans are personal loans, that can help out many individuals in their daily walks of life and Zopa tries to listen to your requirements and is always going through the extra mile to help.

Even if you suffer from repaying the loans, Zopa provides helplines you can contact for additional help through finding a way around your problem. Each client’s loan contract is specific with their own unique loan details.

As Zopa is a personal finance company, it does attract more investors with the idea of its peer-to-peer lending.  When a lender invests its money, the sum of money is divided into a separate bunch of money that can be split up and be introduced to different and a wide and vast range of borrowers.

Investment Opportunities Are There At Zopa

Zopa lenders can choose from two types of investment scopes as well; these include the Zopa core and Zopa plus. This money can be invested for any particular amount of time form one- five years as well, but the investors can extract any sum of money they like at a given time which would, in turn, cost them 1% of the amount they choose to take. The rate of return for the lender is 4% in Zopa Core and 4.6% on Zopa plus.

It also consists of email reminders for your set of borrowing or lending money to help with the forgetting process of these loans regardless of if you do Zopa does not charge a penalty which is extremely beneficial for the customers who tend to have a hectic routine.

The loans can be repaid at the customer’s ease. Zopa continues to outshine all other mainstream banks by its digital banking as one of the first to have a raging success.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be at least 20 years of age, as to prove that they are of the legal age as to understand the terms and consent for their loans.
  • Have a credit history that can be account as proof of their financial stability and ask a means to check their identity details.
  • Have a good track record of repaying debt, now this isn’t a steadfast rule, but it’s beneficial to see that as a proof that the lender is trustworthy and that they can be held accountable from their history of debt and it being repaid on time.
  • Be a UK resident, so the client is easy to track, and the company which is UK based and there is no chance of trafficking the given amount of money to a different country.
  • Have at least 3 years of address history in the UK, to an affiliate that residency in the UK isn’t temporary and the client will not flee with the loan as a sense of security.
  • Have an annual income of £12,000 per year, which can be their pension or current working status, to ensure that the client is capable of returning the money due to their earnings.
  • And lastly, be able to afford the loan, it is merely an act of reassuring that you have the tendency to repay the loan and aren’t already suffering through debt that is beyond what can be covered.


Already Have A Loan? Want To Change Details?

The repayment date of your loan is set 30 days after you received the loan by default to change these details simply log into your Zopa account, open the loan you want to change details too and change the details following the simple and detailed step by step process.

However, keep in check a few concerns regarding the date of payment.

Firstly, the date of repayment is mandatory to be set after 3 days mandatory to when you receive the loan.

Secondly, there are a few dates that may not be fit for the company to manage for you so please compromise and excuse the minor inconvenience and try another date if need be.

Thirdly, you will not be able to change the payment date as long as your dues are clear, i.e. any missing payments or haven’t made regular repayments according to your plan or default in your loan.

Lastly, the next monthly repayment may have a minor increase or decrease this is to balance the fluctuation of the interest rate after your repayment from the original amount and will return to normal the following months so no real concern.

Do I Pay The Same Amount Of Interest Each Time I Repay The Loan?

Not exactly. The course of your loan repayment is divided each repayment you make it is also known as ‘amortisation’ this ensures that a fraction of the amount from your monthly payment cuts off your interest whereas the remaining amount is provided to whoever the money was obtained from.

The initial stages of repayment hold a larger fraction for the interest, and in the course of time, it shifts its larger fraction towards the capital from which the money is gained. This helps to redeem a balance for the repayment cycle for both the investors and borrowers.

Can I Change My Repayment Amount?

There is only one way to doing this which involves you pay extra for a few repayments which will, in turn, lower the monthly repayment thus you can’t initially change the repayment amount completely as this would cause the entire fixed agreement to go haywire and will only be of inconvenience to the client and the company.

How Do I Change My Bank Details For My Account?

You can change your bank details in the setting on your account on the website However, take into account that the change you make may take at least 9 working days to fully comprehend and check therefore if you want the future repayment to be taken from your new bank details ensure that you have changed your bank details 9 days prior to your due date of payment.

Can I Invest Multiple Products At One Time?

Yes, you can have as many investment products as you’d like as long as you can manage to keep one automatic destination for the additional money. You can even opt out more idea for how you want your repayments to be reinvested.

How Can I Only Withdraw The Interest?

You can contact Zopa’s customer care service. Since the process of monthly repayments being divided into interest and capital amount it is still under work in the beta trial, you can mention being added to this on the customer care service where they will help you set a ‘re-lending limit’ which would, in turn, mean you can withdraw any extra amount that exceeds the limit you set.

How To View My Monthly Repayments?

You can easily have access to what amount you are being repaid monthly as a lender through the companies “loan book” which will be given in your investment summary.

The additional information to have to consider is that these are only an estimate on a borrower’s consistent payments including interest moreover some borrowers do return the loan topping off their payment or making early or extra payments which decrease the interest.

The first repayment will always be a bit larger than the future ones and the added risk of the borrower delaying or unable to pay the repayment will also add to the factor of varying monthly repayments.






Company Details
  • Company Name: ZOPA LIMITED
  • Registration Number: 05197592
  • Incorporation Date: 2004-08-04
  • Status: Active
Loan Details
  • APR 9.9%
  • Loan Amount £25,000
  • Repayment Duration 5 Years
Contact Zopa
  • via Phone: N/A Call
  • via Post: 1st Floor Cottons Centre, 47-49 Tooley Street, London, England, SE1 2QG