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Equals Money International Payments
Transfer speed Same day
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Get great exchange rates for a range of payment solutions, with an expert account manager.
If you have an online account with Equals Money, you can also pay from balance.
XE Money Transfers
Transfer speed 1-2 days
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees Free
Fast and easy online money transfers to over 130 countries. Keep more of your money when you transfer with Xe.
Regency Fx
Transfer speed Under 24 hours
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Regency FX specialise in assisting clients with large currency transfers with zero fees and same day transfers.
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Fast, fee-free currency transfers at excellent exchange rates from the UK’s International Money Transfer Provider of the Year (Moneyfacts 2016-2020). Transfer amounts from £2,000 over the phone with your Personal Account Manager or online 24/7.
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees Varies
Remitly helps people send money internationally from a mobile phone or computer, going beyond the transaction to help immigrant communities thrive.
Currencies Direct
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Competitive exchange rates and no transfer fees. Speak to a currency expert and maximise your transfers. MoneyAge award winners 2016-2018. More than 325,000 customers, rated 5* on Trustpilot.
Western Union
Transfer speed Varies
Transfer methods Online, app & in person
Transfer fees Free*
With Western Union, you can make a money transfer, track its progress, view countries’ exchange rates and find agent locations local to you, at home or on the go.
Western Union new customers enjoy £0 transfer fee* on their first online transfer and get our best FX rates for cash pickup each time you send (on the first and subsequent money transfers). *FX gains apply.
Key Currency
Transfer speed Under 24 hours
Transfer methods Telephone & online
Transfer fees Free
Independent currency specialist with no hidden fees and competitive exchange rates.
Transfer speed 0-2 days
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
OFX has over 20 years’ experience in FX and offers excellent 24/7 customer support, competitive foreign exchange rates and zero OFX fees.
Transfer speed Within minutes*
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees £1
Transfer money online to over 150 countries around the world for only £1
*funds are received within minutes in most cases (for some countries it can take up to 3 working days depending on the local bank).
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees From £0.99
TransferGo enables customers to send money to over 160 countries in minutes.
World Remit
Transfer speed 1-3 days
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees From £1.99 + 0.6%
Transfer money to more than 145+ countries. Accessible online or via iOS and Android apps. All funds protected by industry-leading security technology.
Transfer speed 2 days
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees From 0.35%
A fast, easy, and secure way to pay online, in apps, or in person. Pay wherever you see the contactless symbol or Apple Pay mark. Or simply check out with Apple Pay online without entering your details.
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees €3
Securely send money to over 150 countries. Fully licensed and regulated, with a 10-year track record of best-in-class service for quick, low-cost money transfers.
Transfer speed 0-2 days
Transfer methods App
Transfer fees £3
Atlantic Money provides transfers for a flat £3 fee.

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Our experts have been behind some of the most loved UK financial brands

We're on a mission to improve the finances of the nation by helping you to spend wisely and save money

Excellent TrustPilot TrustPilot Team

Finding the best international money transfer for you

By Matt Fernell, Editor-in-Chief at

Matt Fernell

If you're sending money abroad, you'll need to use an international money transfer. Here’s how they work and what to look for when searching for the best deal.

What is an international money transfer?

It’s a safe and secure way to transfer money abroad via a bank or a currency broker dealing in global money transfers.

You may want to send money overseas for a variety of reasons, such as;

  • Buying a property

  • Supporting family or friends

  • Paying for services or work

  • Educational fees

International transfers also support receiving money from abroad or international payments. Here’s everything you need to know about how international money transfers work.

How to choose the right money transfer

To find a money transfer deal that works for you, first consider how much it will cost you to send the money.

Consider the costs

There are two main costs to think about when searching for an international money transfer:

  • The exchange rate - the price of one currency against another

  • The transfer fee - a one-off charge for making a transfer

The higher the amount you want to send, the more important the exchange rate will be. If sending large sums, look for the deal with the best exchange rate, even if they charge a higher transfer fee.

Generally, foreign exchange (FX) companies and money transfer brokers are cheaper than high street banks, especially if you’re sending regular payments or large sums of money. 

Spot deals vs forward contracts

When you come to send your money transfer and agree to an exchange rate, you can choose between a spot deal and a forward contract.

A spot deal is the simplest option, where you agree on a rate with the broker at the time of the transfer.

With a forward contract, you fix a favourable exchange rate in advance and choose a future date to send the money. This is particularly useful if you’re sending a large amount, for example, buying a property abroad. 

Which option is right for you will depend on how urgently you need to send the money and how you expect the exchange rate to change. For example, if the transfer isn’t urgent, and you think the exchange will weaken soon, a forward contract could be the best option.

Not all money transfer companies offer forward contracts, so factor this in when comparing the best deals.

Steps to finding the right deal

To find the best international money transfer deal, you should:

  1. Work out how much you need to send and how regularly you need to make payments

  2. Compare exchange rates for where you’re sending money to - for example, UK pounds to US dollars

  3. Factor in any other fees charged to find the cheapest deal, like transfer fees

  4. Consider when you need the transfer to go through - some providers can do same-day transfers, but others can take a couple of days

  5. Choose between a spot deal and a forward contract

  6. Compare the international money transfers above - we show transfer speed, methods and fees to help you find the right deal

The best way to transfer money overseas isn’t necessarily the cheapest way to send money internationally. Sending money abroad should also be hassle-free, safe and secure.

The information provided does not constitute financial advice, it’s always important to do your own research to ensure a financial product is right for your circumstances. If you’re unsure you should contact an independent financial advisor.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how much money you can send abroad?

The international money transfer limit will depend on where you send the money and the provider’s security limits.

It’s a good idea to read the provider’s terms and conditions to know if it’s possible to send that sum of money abroad through them or whether you need to approach a different provider.

What's the best bank for international transfers?

It depends on your circumstances and what’s important to you.  If you want peace of mind it’s best to stick with your bank, but if you want a cheaper or faster international money transfer it’s worth finding an online broker.

Are international money transfers safe?

All international money transfer companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or a foreign financial regulator.  They will comply with procedures and protect your identity from theft or fraud.

If you’re making a business transaction, you can protect yourself from fraud, loss or theft by verifying the identity and registration details of the business supplier.

If you send money to an individual, never transfer funds to someone you don’t know. Whether it's a personal or business international transfer - always double-check you’re using the correct details.

How is the money received internationally?

International money transfers are paid directly into the recipient’s bank account, just like a bank transfer within the UK.

The international money transfer provider should give you a transaction code or reference number which you can use to track your money transfer online or over the phone.

What happens if my money gets lost?

Firstly, check the money left your bank account and ask your bank to confirm it reached the transfer provider’s account.

If it did, you’ll need to contact the transfer provider you used. They should be able to trace the payment journey and determine what happened. If it’s their mistake, they should rectify it.

If a bank or e-money institution loses your money and doesn’t resolve the problem, you can take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. It will investigate for you, and if the bank or provider is in the wrong, you should get your money back.