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Equals Money International Payments
Transfer speed Same day
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Get great exchange rates for a range of payment solutions, with an expert account manager.
If you have an online account with Equals Money, you can also pay from balance.
XE Money Transfers
Transfer speed 1-2 days
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees Free
Fast and easy online money transfers to over 130 countries. Keep more of your money when you transfer with Xe.
Regency Fx
Transfer speed Under 24 hours
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Regency FX specialise in assisting clients with large currency transfers with zero fees and same day transfers.
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Fast, fee-free currency transfers at excellent exchange rates from the UK’s International Money Transfer Provider of the Year (Moneyfacts 2016-2020). Transfer amounts from £2,000 over the phone with your Personal Account Manager or online 24/7.
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees Varies
Remitly helps people send money internationally from a mobile phone or computer, going beyond the transaction to help immigrant communities thrive.
Currencies Direct
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
Competitive exchange rates and no transfer fees. Speak to a currency expert and maximise your transfers. MoneyAge award winners 2016-2018. More than 325,000 customers, rated 5* on Trustpilot.
Western Union
Transfer speed Varies
Transfer methods Online, app & in person
Transfer fees Free*
With Western Union, you can make a money transfer, track its progress, view countries’ exchange rates and find agent locations local to you, at home or on the go.
Western Union new customers enjoy £0 transfer fee* on their first online transfer and get our best FX rates for cash pickup each time you send (on the first and subsequent money transfers). *FX gains apply.
Key Currency
Transfer speed Under 24 hours
Transfer methods Telephone & online
Transfer fees Free
Independent currency specialist with no hidden fees and competitive exchange rates.
Transfer speed 0-2 days
Transfer methods Telephone, online & app
Transfer fees Free
OFX has over 20 years’ experience in FX and offers excellent 24/7 customer support, competitive foreign exchange rates and zero OFX fees.
Transfer speed Within minutes*
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees £1
Transfer money online to over 150 countries around the world for only £1
*funds are received within minutes in most cases (for some countries it can take up to 3 working days depending on the local bank).
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees From £0.99
TransferGo enables customers to send money to over 160 countries in minutes.
World Remit
Transfer speed 1-3 days
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees From £1.99 + 0.6%
Transfer money to more than 145+ countries. Accessible online or via iOS and Android apps. All funds protected by industry-leading security technology.
Transfer speed 2 days
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees From 0.35%
A fast, easy, and secure way to pay online, in apps, or in person. Pay wherever you see the contactless symbol or Apple Pay mark. Or simply check out with Apple Pay online without entering your details.
Transfer speed 1 day
Transfer methods Online & app
Transfer fees €3
Securely send money to over 150 countries. Fully licensed and regulated, with a 10-year track record of best-in-class service for quick, low-cost money transfers.
Transfer speed 0-2 days
Transfer methods App
Transfer fees £3
Atlantic Money provides transfers for a flat £3 fee.

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Our experts have been behind some of the most loved UK financial brands

We're on a mission to improve the finances of the nation by helping you to spend wisely and save money

Excellent TrustPilot TrustPilot Team

Finding the best way to send money to Canada for you

By Laura Rettie, Personal Finance Journalist.

Laura Rettie

When transferring money internationally, it can be difficult to know how to get the best deal. Read our helpful guide to learn more about how to send money to Canada and find the right offer for you.

How can I send money to Canada?

There are various ways to send money to Canada, each with advantages and drawbacks of its own. The common methods for sending money to Canada are:

International Bank Transfers

You can transfer money to a Canadian bank account using international bank transfers, also commonly known as wire transfers. You'll need the recipient's BSB number or SWIFT code to make a wire transfer to Canada.

Although it's likely that you'll need to have an account open with them in order to utilise the service, the majority of banks will offer an international payments service. Whilst it might seem like a smart idea to use your present bank, doing so is often pricey. Fees and charges tend to differ amongst providers; it is typical for most banks to charge a relatively high fee for overseas transfers.

When using international bank transfers, digital banks like Monzo and Starling are frequently a less expensive choice.

Currency Brokers

Currency brokers may be a good option if you need to send a large sum of money or make regular payments to Canada.

Currency brokers provide tailored services and FX expertise. They frequently find the best exchange rates and the lowest fees for their clients.

To use a currency broker to send money to Canada, you'll most likely need to open an account with them; you may also be able to lock in your exchange rate for a set period of time, which is useful if you plan on making regular payments.

Online Money Transfer providers / Money Transfer Apps

Money transfer apps and online money transfer providers are the newest and one of the most popular ways for people to transfer money abroad.

These could be a good option if you're looking to make a one-off or smaller payment to Canada. Money transfer apps will often offer lower fees than banks and allow you to make payments from your phone.

Money Transfer Agents

Money transfer agents, such as Western Union, are the original way to send money abroad, and whilst most of them now have online or app facilities, you would traditionally need to visit a branch and speak to an agent face-to-face in order to make a transfer, which you can still do.

The recipient can pick up the funds at their nearest branch, though many transfer agents now offer online bank transfers as well. Money transfer agents can be a good option since they offer a variety of money transfer solutions.

Money transfer agents regularly charge lower fees than banks, though this varies depending on several factors such as the recipient country, currency, and method of payment.

How much does it cost to send money to Canada?

The cost of sending money to Canada is determined by several factors, including;

  • The provider you select - Different providers will charge different amounts; some will not charge a transfer fee but will profit by purchasing currencies at a lower exchange rate than the one they offer customers. This is a common practice that is also prevalent among providers who charge a transfer fee.
  • How much you want to send - Some international money transfer providers charge a flat fee, whilst others charge a percentage of the transfer amount.
  • The available exchange rate - When sending money to Canada, you must pay the exchange rate regardless of which provider you use. However, exchange rates can vary significantly between providers.
  • How you pay for the transfer - Most credit card companies will treat an international money transfer as a cash advance, which can be an expensive option depending on your card provider's fees and interest rates. Additionally, the exchange rate you are offered may differ depending on how you pay for the transfer.

To get the best deal, compare your options and calculate the total cost of the transfer.

How long do money transfers to Canada take?

The time it takes to transfer money to Canada varies depending on the provider and the payment method you choose. Some companies offer transfers "in minutes," whereas others can take 1-5 days.

International bank transfers typically take 1-5 business days, whereas cash transfers through money transfer agents or specialist money transfer apps can result in funds being available almost immediately.

Some providers will charge you a fee for a faster transfer, whereas others will provide their fastest transfer as standard. It's important to compare providers and weigh all of your options, especially if you need a quick transfer.

What do I need to be able to send money to Canada?

The details you need to be able to transfer money to Canada will depend on the method chosen for both sending and receiving, and the provider you use.

Below is a list of details that you might need, so be prepared to provide:

  • how much money you'd like to send
  • your contact details
  • your recipient's contact details
  • the recipient's bank details, including BSB number and SWIFT code
  • proof of identity
  • your bank/payment details

How much money can I send to Canada?

Different providers may impose a minimum or maximum transfer amount, but as a general rule, there is no limit to the amount of money you can send to Canada.

If you are wanting to send a large sum of money to Canada, it's a good idea to research any Canadian laws, regulations and tax implications. For example, if you transfer more than 10,000 CAD, it needs to be reported to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), though this is typically the responsibility of the money transfer provider or bank you use.

What's the best way to send money to Canada?

The best way for you to transfer money to Canada will depend on your individual needs. It's important to do your research and consider all options and costs before choosing a provider. Using a comparison site like ours is a good way to get a clear picture of different providers.

The information provided does not constitute financial advice, it’s always important to do your own research to ensure a financial product is right for your circumstances. If you’re unsure you should contact an independent financial advisor.

Frequently asked questions

Are money transfers taxed?

Different countries have different rules regarding how any money received is taxed, but it is likely to depend on the reason for receiving it, such as gifts from family members, income from rental properties abroad or inheritance.

If you’re unsure whether the money you transfer or receive from abroad is subject to taxation, it’s a good idea to seek the help of an independent financial adviser.

Is it safe to transfer money online?

Whilst there are a number of online money transfer scams, it is generally safe to send money abroad online. As long as you use a regulated, reputable company and do your research, your money should be safe.

Why do different companies offer different exchange rates?

The exchange rate providers offer is based off the interbank rate, which changes regularly. Some companies will offer customers a worse exchange rate than they buy the currency for in order to not have to charge a transfer fee. Some companies will do this as well as charging a transfer fee.

It’s a good idea to compare the total cost of different transfers to find the best deal.

Are money transfers FCA regulated?

Yes, all UK-based money transfer companies need to be either authorised or registered by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

FCA authorised companies are generally the safest option, as they have to safeguard your money by keeping it separate from company funds, making it easier to get your money back if the company goes bust.

FCA-registered money transfer companies don’t have to place the same safeguards in place; they simply need to prove they are based in the UK and that managers haven’t had any convictions for financial crimes.

If you want to check if a company is authorised or registered by the FCA, you can check the Financial Services Register.

Some money transfer companies won’t be based in the UK, so it’s worth checking if they are regulated by foreign equivalents.