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How To Calculate Flight Durations

Thousands of people flock to the UK every year in search of history, culture, and breath-taking scenery. For those new to plane travel, it can be a seemingly daunting task to figure out flight duration, flight times and distances.

Luckily, there are numerous sites and resources at your disposal to assist you with London to America flight time information. Using a reliable flight duration calculator to calculate flight times from UK is an effective way to accurately plan your travel time needs.

Below are some great sites and resources to utilize when planning your next England to America flight time.

Flight-Durations.com Site

At Flight-Durations.com.com, you can easily calculate direct flight durations between airports and cities. This site is great as it has the option of calculating travel duration between airport to airport or city to city.

They also have several quick links which feature the largest and most popular airports and cities. All you must do is enter your to and from city, or to and from airport choice, and click ‘Calculate Flight Time’.

Flight-Durations.com Flight Calculator

The Flight-Durations.com calculator will work by giving you information regarding the total number of flying hours, plus any wait time involved in the journey. It will also tell you which major airlines are operating on the route you have entered.

It will give you all the details regarding direct flights and/or connecting flights. All time zones and time differences will be shown, and information about flights to close airports will also be included.

Thorough Flight and Distance Calculations

Whether you are undertaking an international or domestic flight, this flight duration calculator is a valuable source of travel information. It is a user-friendly method of finding out all about the flight times between cities, countries, and airports you are wanting to travel to.

It also lets you know exactly which airlines are operating between your chosen destinations. Additional information is also provided regarding waiting times of direct or multi-stop flights, so your final travel time calculation will be 100-percent thorough and think of all the details of travel duration that might otherwise be missed, underestimated, or overestimated.


At timeanddate.com, there are multiple categories that relate to travel times and dates: world clock, time zones, calendar, weather, sun & moon, timers, and calculators. These headings are clearly visible on the top of the page and with a simple click will lead you to the information you are looking for.

Traveling Through Time Zones

This site is perfect for those wanting to know what time it is in multiple time zones or what time it will be when you arrive in a different time zone. The time calculator also easily calculates how much time is added onto a journey with a stop-over.

The service will calculate the total traveling time for multi-city trips with up to eight cities, as well as total time for round trips. The ‘World Clock’ function will display local times of selected cities, time zones, and there is also a user-friendly map that will show the path of your journey.

Click to Calculate

All you need to do to benefit from the reliability of the flight time calculator is enter your departure location, arrival location, the year, month, day, and time of your departure and arrival. There is also a simple ‘Add Transfer’ button you can click to calculate travel time for multi-stop journeys.

The results will include the total amount of actual travel duration, clock changes, apparent traveling time, total distance, average traveling speed, sunrise and sunset information, as well as a map with a projection of your flight path from start to finish.

The timeanddate.com site is known as a valuable travel resource that provides every possible piece of useful information involving travel times and dates.

Happy Zebra

At happyzebra.com, users can easily calculate the time and distance of traveling between two selected destinations. It will tell you the air distance and travel time. While it gives you a basic approximation of travel time, it does caution users that additional information such as travel speed and aircraft type can alter results.

England To America Flight Time And Distance Example

When it comes to England to America flight time, the approximate air distance is 3687.6 miles, or 5934.6 kilometres, or 3202.3 nautical miles. Using the Happy Zebra calculator, a direct flight from Washington, DC, U.S. to London, UK is 7 hours and 39 minutes.

Departure and Arrival Entries

There is a simple to use additional search where users can enter different departure and arrival cities for more precise calculations. Enter the departure city, arrival city, and hit ‘Submit’. The results will tell you the direct air distance and approximate travel time.

User-Friendly Beginner Site

This is one of the simpler sites for beginners as it does not ask for additional information that not everyone knows such as travel speed and aircraft type. Happy Zebra also provides lists of all the major airports in the U.S. and the UK. It also has lists of the time zones in the U.S. and the UK so the times in all potential travel destinations can be easily accessed.

When it comes time for you to plan that England to America or America to England trip, using one of the sites to calculate travel time and distance can take a lot of the guesswork out of planning your journey. For inexperienced travellers or flyers, these travel sites can be a huge help.

Whether or not you are flying direct or have multiple stops to make can make a huge difference when it comes to the total travel time. Good sites like Flight-Durations.com, Time and Date, and Happy Zebra will have options where you can add any stop-overs, so your final calculation is more accurate.

Sights with maps like Time and Date are handy for those who appreciate a visual representation of their journey. Options for finding out the quickest flight times are easily calculated by changing the departure and arrival cities.

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