Azimo as a money transfer provider utilises a technology to federate its financial services, which makes it affordable and accessible to everyone. Their vision is to share money around the globe and improve peoples lives.

Read this review to find out what makes Azimo stand out among other providers along with its pros and cons.

Company Information and Background

Azimo is somehow the same to TransferWise, CurrencyFair, and Lebara Money. It is an online-only remittance platform which has been getting a lot of positive feedback from its customers. The company was established in late 2012 and was attaining success since the time it was out in the market. It has raised its first million in 2013 which is just a year from the time it takes off. By then, it was catering to over 30,000 clients who registered and utilises fund transfer during the year.

What makes it preferable to some clients is that it allows cash pickup unlike other providers in some countries. This means it is not limited to bank-to-bank transfers alone. Additionally, it also allows its users to have the chance to register via Facebook login and its capacity to transfer up to £889 every 30 days without giving further paperwork or further documents. Besides, the company has a Facebook app which users can access.

Moreover, Azimo was founded by Michael kent and two Polish migrants in the UK namely: Marta Krupinska and Marek Wawro. The founders recognised a chance to accommodate migrants with a much more affordable alternative to transfer money with a digital-only service, which is mainly the reason why they launched Azimo. Besides, with its headquarters in London and an office in Krakow, the company was able to employ 90 staff and has raised more than $45M dollars.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

Azimo is authorised to issue electronic money and utilises secure technology to safeguard and protect your account and transactions.

  • They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution.
  • They’re also registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs as a Money Transmitter to aid in preventing money laundering.
  • They utilise a 3D Secure authentication to ensure an extra layer f security and protection for your card payments.
  • Their technology identifies and controls unusual activity to secure your transactions.
  • Azimo is also certified by German TÜV for data protection and IT security.
  • Also, they encrypt communication on their website and apps to protect your account against any unauthorised access.

Azimo’s Reach And Coverage

Azimo allows you to send money to more than 190 countries around the globe with 80 different currencies. Your recipient can also get the money in several ways. Unlike other providers, Azimo allows cash pickup in over 270,000 locations, transfer the funds direct to over 20,000 banks. You can also send the money utilising a mobile wallet or delivering the cash to your recipients doorstep.

Moreover, Azimo’s service is rendered into 10 different languages: French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Turkish. This allows you to take advantage of the service using your mother tongue.

It is said to be the best in terms of providing an authentic remittance solution because of its wide global reach than any providers and competitors. They accept clients from the UK and Europe only with 198 countries handled currencies.

Exchange Rates And Fees

Transfer Fees:

Azimo imposes flat or variable charges based on the country and currency as well as the pay-in and pay-out systems.

Exchange Rates:

The exchange rate is lock-in in advance, allowing you to know how much money will be transferred. It will also depend on the pay-out method that you chose.


To be able to send €889 or more every 30 days, you are required to validate your account and send relevant documents that they requested.

Additional Fees:

Since Azimo is using a local account to collect and release funds, there will be no fees or charges by the sending or receiving banks as well as intermediary banks. However, paying through a credit card incurs 2.99% charged.

Pros and Cons


  • Transfers are quick
  • They provided high-level of service
  • User-friendly
  • The online system is reliable
  • Rates are closer to interbank
  • Allows you to send money to over 190 countries
  • Variety of pay-out methods
  • Available in 10 different languages
  • Excellent reviews as per Trustpilot


  • Not always the most affordable provider
  • Only available in Europe as of the moment
  • Slow processing of payment even to Europe
  • Poor customer support service
  • Site is crashing sometimes
  • Exchange rate is not the best

How Does Azimo Money Transfer Work?

Their services involve giving platforms for money transfers around the globe. They also have an app that is accessible for download on their website. Apart from this, they grant discounts to students. You’re also free to join their associate network and profit money by encouraging sales to their website. Azimo can also transfer money to countries such as:

  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Zimbabwe
  • Venezuela
  • Uzbekistan
  • Nigeria
  • Virgin Islands
  • Ukraine
  • Uganda
  • America, etc.

Sending Money Online with Azimo

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose a country, delivery method and enter recipient’s name.
  3. Choose an amount and pay securely with your debit/credit card or with bank transfer.
  4. Check all transfer details and confirm payment.

Creating Business Account With Azimo

Azimo’s website offers new opportunities for businesses to open an account. Following are the steps that you check on their website when opening a business account:

Step 1: Create your account
Enter your business email address and desired password on the Azimo Business sign-up page. If a friend has given you their invite code, tick the box that says “I have an invite code” and enter it.

Step 2: Tell us about your company
Enter a few details about yourself and your business to help secure your account . Your name, address, date of birth and business information will help Azimo verify your identity. All your data is keep strictly confidential.

Step 3:Verify your business
In some cases, you may be required to verify some information about you and your organisation. This is a short, quick process. You just have to submit documents to Azimo’s compliance team using their secure document uploader on the Azimo website or apps.

Step 4: Set up a transfer
After verifying your account, you can proceed in initiating the transfer. Set up a transfer with Azimo Business by choosing your receiving country, currency and delivery method.

Step 5: Fill out your recipient’s details and double-check bank account details.


Clients’ Feedback

The following are the clients’ feedback that we got from Trustpilot reviews


  • Customers were highly content with the fast and timely delivery of their funds.d
  • Using Azimo is simple, and user friendly
  • Exchange rates are better and fees are low
  • Azimo is safe and reliable


  • A few clients encountered delays in their transfers
  • Azimo’s customer support team were sometimes slow
  • There are cases wherein Azimo’s pay-out partner in the receiving country has issues or poor service

Money Transfer Alternatives

Currencies Supported: 120Currencies Supported: 121Currencies Supported: 59
Accessibility: Online, via Telephone, or In App.Accessibility: Via Telephone, Online or In PersonAccessibility: Online, via Telephone, or In Person.
Offices: UK, USA, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, HK, UAE, Brazil, Gibraltar and RomaniaOffices: All 5 Continents, but not catering to businesses based in the USOffices: United Kingdom, Australia
4.6 /5 on Feefo
93.4% o Editorial
9.8 /10 on Feefo
95.4% on Editorial
9.4 / 10 on TrustPilot
93.2% on Editorial

FAQs About Azimo

Is Azimo a reliable company?

Azimo is a licensed company and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

What services or products does Azimo offer?

Azimo is largely famous being in the Finance category, more particularly with Money Transfer.

Is its secure to use Azimo?

Azimo is a recognised company and a reliable option to send money overseas.